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Act 772 of the 2001 Regular Legislative Session created the IT Advisory Board and provided for its roles, duties, and activities. The IT Advisory Board has been charged to:
  • advise the CIO on approaches to coordinating IT solutions among state government entities
  • provide a forum for the discussion of emerging technologies that enhance electronic accessibility to various publicly funded sources of information and services
  • advise the CIO in matters regarding the use of information technology
  • advise the CIO on approaches to encourage and support the use of Louisiana domiciled vendors when procuring information technology systems, related equipment, related services, and software

The current membership of the IT Advisory Board is listed with contact information for each member. Board meetings will be listed on the OIT calendar when scheduled.


Governor's Office
Representative from the Governor's Office
Andy Kopplin
Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor
(225) 342-8337

Appointed Executive Branch
Department of Civil Service - Anne Soileau
Anne Soileau
Director, DSCS
(225) 342-8272

Department of Corrections - Richard Stalder
Bernard E. "Trey" Boudreaux III
Undersecretary, Dept. of Corrections
(225) 342-6739

Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism - Angele Davis
Matthew A. Jones
Undersecretary, DCRT
(225) 342-8201

Department of Economic Development - Don Hutchinson
Don Hutchinson
Secretary, DED
(225) 342-5388
Hutchinson@led.state.la.us; Lori.weber@la.gov

Department of Environmental Quality - Dr. Mike McDaniel
Mike D. McDaniel
Secretary, DEQ
(225) 219-3950

Department of Health and Hospitals - Dr. Frederick P. Cerise
Fred Cerise, M.D, M.P.H.
Secretary, DHH
(225) 342-9503

Department of Labor - John Warner Smith
John Warner Smith
Secretary, DOL
(225) 342-3001

Department of Natural Resources -Scott A. Angelle
Scott A. Angelle
Secretary, DNR
(225) 342-2710

Department of Public Safety - Henry L. Whitehorn
Henry L. Whitehorn
Deputy Secretary/Superintendent, DPS
(225) 925-6118

Department of Revenue - Cynthia Bridges
Cynthia Bridges
Secretary, LDR
(225) 219-2700
cbridges@rev.state.la.us; lpike@rev.state.la.us

Department of Social Services - Ann Silverberg Williamson
Ann Silverberg Williamson
Secretary, DSS
(225) 342-7475

Department of Transportation and Development - Johnny B. Bradberry
Johnny Bradberry
Secretary, DOTD
(225) 379-1200

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries - Dwight Landreneau
Dwight Landreneau
Secretary, DWLF
(225) 765-2623

Statewide Elected Officials
Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry - Bob Odom
Randal Johnson
Deputy Commissioner, LDAF
(225) 922-1238 or (225) 922-1253

Superintendent of Education - Cecil J. Picard
Bobby Franklin
Division Director
(225) 342-0093

Commissioner of Insurance - J. Robert Wooley
Ray Trogolo
I.T. Director, LDI
(225) 342-1004

Attorney General - Charles C. Foti, Jr.
Charles C. Foti, Jr.
Attorney General

Lieutenant Governor - Mitch Landrieu
Mitch Landrieu

Secretary of State - Fox McKeithen
Wayne McAlpine
IT Director, Office of the Secretary of State
(225) 925-4793

State Treasurer - John Neely Kennedy
Ron J. Henson / Jason Stagg
First Assistant State Treasurer
(225) 342-0055 or (225) 342-0006
rhenson@treasury.state.la.us; jstagg@treasury.state.la.us

Legislative Branch (Designee)
Senate President - Donald E. Hines, M.D.
Jerry Guillot
Chief of Staff, LA State Senate
(225) 342-0614

Speaker of the House - Joe R. Salter
The Honorable William B. Daniel, IV
State Representative, House of Representatives
(225) 219-4357

Judicial Branch (Designee)
Chief Justice of the La. State Supreme Court - Pascal Calogero
The Honorable Catherine Kimball
State Supreme Court Justice
(504) 568-7757

Governor Appointed Members (5 members)

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