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I.T. Requests

All Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications related initiatives meeting the Criteria for Submittal of an IT Request require that an IT Requests be submitted to OTS for Review.  All IT Requests  should be submitted to OTS through the IT Request Workflow System.  For such initiatives, an OTS approval number should be obtained prior to PST review and prior to any associated procurements or contracts.

Agencies are encouraged to review the IT Request Workflow System Documentation provided below.  The IT Request Workflow System uses system roles  (IT Director, Agency Budget Analyst, Undersecretary, Agency Administrator) that must be predefined before an organization can submit an IT Request for processing.  New Users should self register by using the link just above the Username on the Login Screen.  Agency Administrators have the capability of approving new Users and updating the User Roles for their Agency. 


Budget Requests

The Office of Technology Services is responsible for reviewing IT Budget Requests for all entities under the authority of OTS as defined by Act 712 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session and making recommendations to the Office of Planning and Budget. To fulfill this legislative obligation, OTS requires that each entity review its IT plans, proposals, and anticipated acquisitions for the budgeted FY from a strategic, financial, and management perspective and then prepare and submit the IT forms according to the instructions issued by the Office of Planning and Budget.

Upon completion of the review process, OTS will make specific budget recommendations to the Office of Planning and Budget regarding proposed IT initiatives and projects. 

IT Request Workflow System Documentation

IT Request Workflow Diagram (Budget)Download me! 
IT Request Workflow Diagram (Mid-Year) Download me!
Organization Role Registration Form   
Download me!
Sample IT Request   Download me!
Object Codes Download me!
User Manual 
   Download me! 
Form IT-0 with Instructions
IT Strategic Plan Template Download me!  
Sample Organizational Chart Download me!  


Emergency Acquisition

The Chief Information Officer, head of a state agency, or either officer's designee may waive the requirement for obtaining an approved IT Request prior to an acquisition when there exists an imminent threat to the functioning of Louisiana government, public health, welfare, safety, or public property under emergency conditions.  Emergency acquisitions shall be limited to only those items, services, or major repairs necessary to meet the emergency.  Agencies must still comply with all procurement statutes, rules and policies.  Agencies should exercise due diligence to comply with OIT standards, policies and guidelines.

A follow-up IT Request should be submitted to OIT as soon as time permits, and must contain adequate justification for the emergency.  Appropriate records should be maintained by the agency; information must include:

  • Each vendor's/contractor's name
  • Date of acquisition
  • Amount and type of each acquisition
  • Listing of the items, services, or major repairs procured
  • Exceptions to OIT standards, policies or guidelines 

Emergency Procurement Guidelines can be found on the Office of State Purchasing (OSP) web site at: