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AGPS Application Guide

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Summary of Changes - AGPS Application Guide


Section 1 Installation Tables Maintenance


Section 2 Agency Database Maintenance


Section 3 Commodity Database Maintenance


Section 4 Vendor Database Maintenance


Section 5 Text Database Maintenance


Section 6 Requisition Processing


Section 7 Solicitation Processing


Section 8 Order Processing


Section 9 Order Change Processing


Section 10 Receipt, Invoice and Payment Processing


Section 11 Contract Processing


Section 12 Contract Change Processing


Section 13 Electronic Approvals Processing


Section 14 AGPS/GFS Interface Processing


Section 15 Miscellaneous Processing


Section 16 Database Archive Process


Section 17 History Database Inquiry


Section 18 End of Period Processing


Section 19 Systems Administration


Section 20 Third Party Contract Processing


Appendix A AGPS Approval Matrix
Appendix B AGPS Status Code Matrix
Appendix C AGPS Program Purpose Statements
Appendix D AGPS Menu
Appendix E Processing Flow
Appendix F AGPS Document Types and Codes
Appendix G AGPS Error Message Manual (Revised - March 2006)

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