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How can I ensure that no invalid costing is hiding withinISIS HR?

Ensuring that cost data within ISIS HR is accurate should be a continuous effort between EA and Fiscal staff employees. Data that is entered correctly on the front end will save retro activity and will help to prevent substitutions during the posting process from HR to AFS.

ZF09 - Default/Override Cost Distribution Report should be generated if/when fiscal notifies you a certain reporting category or cost center is being inactivated to primarily determine who needs the IT 0027 updated. If the cost center or reporting category is being inactivated within a pay period, then you would also use ZF09 to locate entries that had already been made on the time file that need to be corrected prior to payroll running. You can also generate this report once you have fixed all records to ensure that all records have been adjusted. Since this report reads master data, not actual financial distribution posted to AFS, it should NOT be used to balance ISIS HR to AFS.
ZF65 - EE Payroll Expenditure Detail Report, is best suited for this purpose.

ZF10 Potential Errors FromCost CenterClosures and ZF14 Potential Errors From Rep. Cat. Closures are excellent tools to use to be sure that a closed cost center or reporting category is not being utilized somewhere within an employees data. Both of these reports key off of the 3-digit agency, not the 4-digit personnel area.

ZF10 outputs employees who require attention because either their current period Cost Distribution infotype (0027) record or time record includes a cost center that is blocked in ISIS HR. The bad cost center value must be replaced prior to the next regular or off-cycle payroll run or system substitutions will occur.

ZF14 outputs employees who require attention because either their Cost Distribution infotype (0027) or time record includes a reporting category that is blocked in ISIS HR. The bad reporting category value must be replaced prior to the employees next payroll run (regular or
off-cycle) or the related expenditure will post to a reporting category equal to spaces (hence it posts to no reporting category).

ZF79 - Cost Center Substitution Report provides information regarding cost center substitutions that occurred during the financial processing of payroll. Cost center substitutions occur most frequently when an employee's cost center assignment (Infotype 0027) is not maintained after a cost center is blocked for posting. If a cost center is blocked in AFS, the cost center is subsequently blocked in ISIS HR during a nightly interface with the AFS system.If payroll runs before the cost assignment of the employee is corrected, a substitution will occur. Substitutions may also occur if an employee does not have a cost center assignment infotype 0027.
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