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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

December 23, 2005

ZF77 G/L Account Posting Report
Improvements To ZP42-Potential Separation/Transfer Error Report 
Tips on Identifying Employees Who May Require an Off-cycle Payment
ISIS HR Online Help - Action Scripts Revised
Coding KATR
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ZF77 G/L Account Posting Report Issued 09/30/2005

For users with Financial Reporting Security a report will now be available to reflect the dollar amount by object (G/L account) for a selected pay period for your agency. The amount reflected can be for regular payroll and/or off cycles for the pay period selected. 

Improvements to ZP42-Potential Separation/Transfer Error Report Issued 09/16/2005

Several improvements were recently made to ZP42, Potential Separation/Transfer Error Report. One important change is the report will not reflect the infotype not delimited error on the same day an action is processed, except for actions processed on the Monday after the pay period ends.

Also, if transfer adjusting entries for prior pay periods are created or changed, the report will evaluate the entries to be sure Transfer Paid to Paid actions exist and that the amounts created by both losing and gaining equal. Both Losing and Gaining Transfer Agencies will see applicable errors.

Other improvements include:

  • A new column that identifies error severity (lockable or not). The column heading is Lock? (or Lockable Error? when expanded). If there is a Y in the column, the employee will be locked and will not process through regular payroll.
  • When transfer adjusting entry amounts do not equal, the difference amount will be output. 
  • If wage types 2124 through 2128 are used and there is no Transfer Paid to Paid action, an error is output. 
  • If adjusting entries are not created for Dependent Life, an error is output. 
  • If the employee portion of a transfer adjusting entry is not needed, the report will not produce an error unless the entry exists. 
  • If the employees record reflects they are enrolled in a WAVD, WAV1, WAV2, NONE, or NOCV Plan, the report will not produce an error. If a transfer adjusting entry is created, an error will be output.

For more information, visit the ZP42-Potential Separation/Transfer Error Report descriptor.

Tips On Identifying Employees Who May Require An Off-cycle PaymentIssued 9/14/05

Execute ZP131

This report outputs employees who are locked due to an error and do not have a current payroll result.

To determine error to be fixed, execute the following: ZT04, ZT11, ZP42 and ZP45. Refer to respective report descriptor for information on how to correct the specific errors output.

Once errors are corrected, request Help Desk staff to unlock employee records so that off-cycle payment can be created.

Execute ZY01

All employees on this report failed payroll and will require an off-cycle payment.

Refer to ZY01 report descriptor for information on how to correct the error. Once the error is corrected, an off-cycle payment can be created. (Help Desk does not have to unlock the record.) Some errors will appear on both ZY01 and ZP45.

Execute ZF69

This report can be run to identify employees with an Amount Paid equal to 0.00.

Once executed, in ascending order, sort all Amount Paid values. Assess employees with an Amount Paid value of 0.00. Some have an error that must be corrected (see results from previous step), some may have had no time entered (Tm Mgt Status = 1), while others may be legitimate and no pay is due. It may be helpful to run ZP97, Employee Variance Report, and select the option: Positive Time EEs with < 80 Hrs.