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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

November 19, 2008


6/20/08 ZP65 Employee Tax Report 
6/13/08 Educational Employees on 9 or 10 Month Contract but Paid over 12 Months 
6/13/08 New Report Options for ZP152 Communication IT0105 Report
6/13/08 Change to Report ZF23
5/23/08 New Utility - ZP182 Arrears Offset / Payment Processing
5/16/08 Automated Transfer Adjustment Entries
5/2/08 Tax Model/Retirement Plan Changes Involving Drop and Vested Plans 
4/25/08 ZP195 – Reporting Category Projection Report
4/18/08 Consolidation of Off-Cycle Transactions ZF70 and ZF71 
4/4/08 ZT34 – Overtime Detail Report
3/28/08 ZP121 Wage Type Arrears Attribute Report
2/29/08 Compensatory Leave Payment Effective Date
2/14/08 New Incentive Award Pay Wage Type
2/14/08 New Extended Sick Leave Quota for Teachers
2/4/08 ZT33 – Absence and Attendance Detail
1/31/08 Non-ISIS Agency List
1/31/08 Data Accuracy for Salary Projections
1/31/08 Adding Text to IT207 and IT208
1/30/08 ZP45 – Potential Payroll/FI Audit Error Report
1/11/08 Change to Report ZF75
12/20/07 Agencies Now Allowed to Maintain IT9 and IT25
12/13/07 Bank Details Maintenance for Rehires (and other Actions)
12/6/07 Leave Reduction Help Script Now Available
12/6/07 ZF80 – Agency OGB Financial Report
11/30/07 ZF10 – Errors from AFS Closures
11/20/07 Additional Output Fields on ZP135 - Flexible Employee Data Report
11/20/07 Additional Output Field on the ZMDSHEET – Employee Notification Form
11/14/07 Improvements to ZY08 - Payroll Simulation
11/2/07 ZP28 – Detail to Special Duty Report
11/2/07 ZS13 – User Index Regeneration Report
11/2/07 ZP131 No Longer Available, Use ZP169 - Payroll Locks
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Processing Quota Corrections for Employees Separating in Pay Period 1 Issued 12/16/08
Have you received this error message: "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013"?
Here's why:
Quota records are created yearly effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. These new quota records are actually created when time evaluation runs on the last day of the first pay period of the payroll year. Entitlements or leave earnings reflected in these yearly records, on occasion, must be manually corrected using IT2013 records. This is necessary, for example, when you must post the final accrual for a separating employee or when an employee transfers in from a non-paid agency. The system can't correct a quota record until the record exists for that payroll year, hence the error message "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013".

To manually create a quota record, create an IT2006 (type 20 and 22) effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. No amount is necessary in the Quota Number field. Validate and save, then proceed with the Maintain Quota Entitlement for Regular Leave Earners procedure. 

Off Cycle Payments now output on ZF69


Enhancements have been made to the selection screen and output for ZF69 Payroll Gross/Net Wages Comparison Report.  This report now outputs off-cycle results and includes additional columns such as payroll type, pay year, pay date, and employment status for both the selected period and period immediately prior. 


Please take time to review the updated report descriptor for ZF69 – Payroll Comparison Report as it contains many new sorting tips that might prove helpful.

Reduction in Pay Wage Type                                                                    Issued 12/12/08


The following wage types have been added to ISIS HR with a permissibility date of 12/01/2008:


Wage Type 0276:  Reduction In Pay (maintained as a negative amount on Infotype 0014 or on Infotype 0015)

Wage Type 0277:  Reduction In Pay Bal (maintained as a positive amount on Infotype 0015)


The purpose of these wage types is to provide a mechanism for a reduction in pay while the employee is actively working.  Usage of these wage types will reduce the employee’s gross wages, taxable wages and retirement wages.


Use Report ZP74 – Recurring/Additional Payments/Deds Detail Report or Deduction Balance, report option Deduction Balance with Payroll Results, to track the total to date paid as well as the remaining balance.


ZP119 - 403(b) Contributions Balance Report                                             Issued 11/19/08

Enhancements have been made to the selection screen and output of the ZP119 403(b) Contributions Balance Report as coordinated with OSUP.  This report will continue to be used to review and analyze employee data as it relates to those participating in a 403(b) plan.  Review the report descriptor for ZP119 - 403(b) Contributions Balance Report for additional information.

New Way to Audit Prior Period Leave & Attendance Corrections             Issued 11/19/08

Users can now run ZT33 - Absence and Attendance Detail by Change Date, in addition to Effective Date.  The new Change Date option retrieves all records last changed during the period specified that have an effective date prior to the start date of that pay period.

For example, if you select Period 25/2008 in combination with the Change Date option, the output will include all absence or attedence records that were last changed between 11/18/2008 and 12/01/2008 (program will include records changed on payroll Monday) that have an effective date prior to 11/17/2008.  This makes it a great tool for verifying prior period corrections.

For more information, click to retrieve the updated  ZT33 - Absence and Attendance Detail report descriptor.

Change to ZY01 – Payroll Simulation Error Report                                     Issued 10/2/08


ISIS HR now automatically corrects the following ZY01 error:   

“Not every unaccounted period is in current for employee XXXXXXXX.  Please update the earliest MD change date in infotype 0003 to YYYYMMDD.  Then rerun payroll for employee XXXXXXXX”


If this error appears in red on the payroll log after executing ZY08 (Payroll Simulation) or attempting to store an off cycle, simply follow the instructions in the error text and re-run the simulation or off cycle.  The second results display will no longer include this error.

ZS06 – Position Security Report                                                                  Issued 9/19/08

ZS06 has been enhanced.  It is now possible to output  security roles stored on the User ID (e.g, LEO roles), in addition to those roles the employee inherits from the position held, by selecting a new report option:  Show Roles on User IDs.


Highlighted output columns can now be further exploded.   Double click on any

  • Security Role value to display all transactions that the Role gives the EE access to.  (We also added a Security Role description column.)
  • Personnel No. to see any e-mail addresses stored on the employee’s Communication record (IT0105)
  • User ID to see all transactions the user can access based on all roles, rather than having to view one role at a time, and
  • Position to see what PD profiles are stored for that position (if any). 
    PD Profiles (also known as structural authorizations) work in conjunction with security roles to control which objects in an organizational plan a user is permitted to display or update (i.e. Org units, Positions, Qualifications, etc.).

GUST and HIKE Added to ZT23 – Time Entry/Rate Worksheet                     Issued 9/12/08
ZT23 contains time and rate data that can be exported to Excel and used when compiling FEMA-related Labor reimbursement requests (i.e., FEMA Force Account Labor Summary Record). 
When running this report, you can utilize the Date parameter Other Period to encompass dates that employees were performing hurricane-related work for which reimbursement may be sought. 
The new activity codes created for Hurricanes Gustav (GUST) and Ike (HIKE) have been added to the Detail Options of this report.  When any of the specific Hurricane options are selected, the system will output all pay period data for any employee that had at least one entry charged to the selected Activity code (e.g., KATR, RITA, GUST, HIKE) that falls within the dates specified.  This is helpful if your desire is to pull employees that potentially have hours that must be considered when compiling your reimbursement request and exclude all others.
The All Entries selection under the Detail Options section works in conjunction with the Date parameter values only.  If selected, it outputs all time entries that exist within the specified date range for all employees whether or not they have any Hurricane related costing.  It functions similarly to ZT02 – Time Entry Audit report.
Keep in mind that report entries, once exported to Excel, can be deleted, reduced, etc. and/or rates changed as necessary to build an accurate reimbursement request.  This data is simply intended to be a starting point for your compilation.
For additional information on how to utilize this report, refer to ZT23 – Time Entry/Rate Worksheet.

Enhanced ISIS HR Search Functionality                                                      Issued 8/12/08


When searching for help on a particular topic, you can now restrict your search to one or any combination of the options shown below:

  • ISIS HR Help Procedures (scripts)
  • Report Descriptors
  • OIS Website
  • ISIS Memos
  • HR Bulletin Board

For additional information refer to ISIS HR Help Search.

New ISIS HR Help Desk Web Ticket                                                            Issued 7/31/08


The ISIS HR Help Desk recently introduced a new web ticket for agencies to use to send in help requests.  Click on the link below for a link to the web ticket, for quick tips and for hints and solutions to entering your info:



BR9B Rates for FY 2009 – 2010                                                                     Issued 7/25/08


In preparation for agencies to begin running the BR9B (ZP116) for FY 2009-2010 budget requests, updates have been made to the data that is utilized in the projection of vacant positions.  The established rates are:

  • Retirement state share projected at 18.5% (last year was 20.4%) 
  • Health insurance state share projected at $8,539 (equivalent of Employee w/Spouse PPO or EPO (last year the amount was $8,234) 
  • Life insurance state share projected at $300.00 (same as last year)

ZP65 Employee Tax Report                                                                         Issued 6/20/08


NRA (Non-Resident Alien) indicator has been added to the Reporting Criteria section of ZP65.  When selected, employees designated as a non-resident for payroll tax calculation purposes will be output along with a “Y” in the NRA Indicator column of the report.

Educational Employees on 9 or 10 Month Contract but Paid over 12 Months

                                                                                                                  Revised 6/13/08

  • A new wage type, 0156, Educ_NoRet_Deduction, has been created to handle pay that an educational employee receives that should not be reported to retirement. The amount entered for wage type 0156 should (1) reflect the total difference between the system-calculated pay rate and the employees contracted pay rate and (2) should be entered as a negative amount.
  • Additionally, wage type 0141, Educ_Ret_Deduction, should be used to handle pay that an educational employee receives that should be reported to retirement. The amount entered for this wage type should (1) reflect the difference between the system-calculated pay rate and the employees contracted pay rate and (2) should be entered as a negative amount.
  • Both of these wage types may also be used to handle pay situations where no other appropriate wage type exists.  Please contact the ISIS HR Help Desk regarding these situations prior to system entry.
  • Agencies should refer to individual retirement systems for questions regarding the retirement eligibility of the specific pay.  

Note: These wage types should not be used for summer school pay.  Wage type 0143 (summer supplemental) is the required wage type for summer school pay. 

New Report Options for ZP152 Communication IT0105 Report                    Issued 6/13/08


ZP152 has been enhanced to make it easier to identify ‘missing’ IT 0105/subtype records.  The selection screen now includes two additional report option:


Only Employees With Communication Infotype Records - This option will be used most frequently.  Generally, the system will output all subtype records for employees selected.  The shortcoming of this option, however, is if you run it for a specific Communication type, employees that do not have that subtype record are not output.


All Employees - This option will  output ALL active employees who meet the selection criteria, whether or not they have the indicated subtype record.  Select this option, when looking for ‘missing’ subtype records.


For more information on this report,  review the ZP152-Communication IT0105 report descriptor.  

Change to Report ZF23                                                                            Issued 6/13/2008


The Gross and Related Benefits by AFS Program Report has been reworked to improve run time and to bring it up to current standards.  The report descriptor has been updated.  Any variants created prior to this update will need to be reviewed because the Report Options selection has changed.   

New Utility – ZP182  Arrears Offset / Payment Processing                            Issued 5/23/08

A new utility is now available that will create the necessary infotype records that will offset arrears and set up the selected payment option for Group Benefits plan types that are in arrears.


One of two payment options are available:

1) ER for EE (the agency will pay the employee’s arrears balance)

2) Payment Plan (the employee will pay the arrears balance over multiple pay periods)


When executed in Test mode, this utility will present the amounts and wage types for offsets and payment options.  When executed in Non-Test mode, the utility will create the appropriate infotype records.  For detailed information about this utility, review the online help script

Arrears Offset/Payment Processing

Automated Transfer Adjustment Entries                                                       Issued 5/16/08


Effective Period 12.2008, ISIS HR will automatically create the necessary transfer adjustment entries for both the employee and state (ER) share of insurance premiums (health, life and dependent life only) when an employee transfers from one ISIS HR Paid agency to another ISIS HR Paid agency.

The transfer adjustments will be created bi-weekly during payroll processing for any current or retroactive transfer actions (Z8 and Z9) created on or after 05/19/2008.  These records will reflect a Changed By value of BEN_TRAN_ADJ and will be included on ZP111 (Logged Changes in Infotype Data).

The calculation of the IT0015 entries will be based on the benefits in effect in that period.  The transfer adjustment wage types will be restricted to our staff only, so please send a help ticket if retroactive adjustments to benefit plans change the amount of the transfer adjustment entry (e.g. a retroactive change to Basic Pay triggers an increase in life insurance coverage).

As a reminder, the Helpdesk must be contacted when changes to a transfer action (IT0000) are necessary.

Tax Model/Retirement Plan Changes Involving Drop and Vested Plans       Issued 5/2/08
Tax models V3RetoRetNoFICA and V4RetoRetMedi should not be used in combination with DROP or VESTED participation.  
When an employee begins DROP participation the tax model should be changed to U3 DROPNMedi or U4 DROPMedi, as appropriate.  When an employee ends DROP participation the tax model should be changed to U3RetNoFICA or U4Ret&Medi, as appropriate.
As an employee becomes 100% VESTED the tax model should be changed to U3VESTEDNMedi or U4VESTEDMedi, as appropriate.
These tax models should be used regardless of the effective date of participation. 
Please refer to ISIS HR Tax Models/Retirement Plan for additional information.

ZP195 – Reporting Category Projection Report                                           Issued 4/25/08


ZP195 is a new report that is now available to Employee Administrators, Inquiry Only users and Fiscal Staff.  This report produces a financial projection of salaries and related expenses by reporting category for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.  Reporting Category information is derived from the position’s cost distribution (Infotype 1018).  If the position’s cost distribution has no reporting category information, the position will not be included in the ZP195 output.


For more information on this transaction, review the ZP195 – Reporting Category Projection Report descriptor.

Consolidation of Off-Cycle Transactions ZF70 and ZF71                              Issued 4/18/08


Effective 04/23/08, off-cycle processing information can be viewed using a single transaction code:  ZF70 (Off-Cycle Reports).  The new combined report provides 3 options allowing you to view 1) payments with errors, 2) successfully processed payments or 3) payments that were deleted (no payment generated). 


Please take time to review the ZF70 report descriptor which will be available on 04/23/08.  It contains suggestions as to when each of the options should be run and what date parameters must be selected.

ZT34 – Overtime Detail Report                                                                      Issued 4/4/08


A new report is available for Employee Administrators that can be used to analyze overtime data.  ZT34 - Overtime Detail can be executed for a single employee, Organizational Unit(s), or Personnel Area/Time Administration unit(s). 


This report sums for an employee: overtime earned, taken, paid, and/or reduced for the time period specified.  Keep in mind, that since it can be run by Organization unit or Time Administrator ID it can be used to track the amount of overtime worked and used by a work group during a specific time period.   


For more information on this transaction, review the ZT34 – Overtime Detail report descriptor.

ZP121 Wage Type Arrears Attribute Report                                                 Issued 3/27/08


This report will provide the user with arrears and retro activity settings relative to selected deduction wage types.  Arrears settings determine if the deduction will go into arrears.  Retro activity settings define how any deductions in arrears will be processed during retro accounting. 


All OGB (health, life, and dependent life) wage types are set up with arrears setting 3 and retro activity setting 1.  This means that in payroll processing, the system will take what is possible and write the difference to arrears.  Either an increase or a decrease will be forwarded to the next period.


All Miscellaneous product wage types are set up with arrears setting 5 and retro activity setting 3.  This means that in payroll processing, the system will take the entire deduction or nothing at all.  Only a decrease in the deduction amount will be forwarded to the next period.

Compensatory Leave Payment Effective Date                                            Issued 2/29/08
Compensatory Leave payouts (IT0416, Subtype: LL or LK) are no longer required to have an effective date equal to the first day of a pay period.  This restriction was lifted so that agencies could pay out Compensatory leave, if desired, based on the pay rate in effect on their last day worked.  An example of when this would be necessary is an employee who is returned from detail on their last day worked and the agency wishes to pay K-time out at the regular pay rate.
We do recommend however, continuing to use the 1st day of the pay period as the payout’s effective date, whenever possible.  Always make sure before creating any payout that all prior period corrections have been entered and that ZP109 – Time Eval/Absence Recalc has been run. 

For additional instructions on creating k-time payouts, please refer to the help script Leave Payout.

New Incentive Award Pay Wage Type                                                        Issued 2/14/08
Effective pay period 04/2008, a new wage type has been created to allow agencies the ability to award Incentive Pay to employees. Wage type 0202, Incentive Award Pay, is available on IT0014 & IT0015. This wage type should be used in accordance with C.S. Rule 6.16d. Maintain Text is available to record the justifiable reasons for audit purposes.

New Extended Sick Leave Quota for Teachers                                          Issued 2/14/08
Extended Sick leave absence types: XXLB and XXLC are now linked to and reduce an Educ Extended Sick Leave (Type: 83) quota record. As of February 11, 2008, in order to enter XXLB (Educ Ext Sick 100% Ret) and XXLC (Educ Ext Sick 65% Ret) absence types in time entry, an extended sick leave quota must be active for the employee and have adequate available hours.

This quota should generally be set up for a six year time period. A 90 day quota allowance will automatically default upon creation, however, that number can be changed if necessary. Only absence types XXLB and XXLC will reduce this quota.
This new quota type has been added to ZT06 – Absence Quota Report, ZP136 – Total Attendance/Absence Report, and ZT33 – Attendance and Absence Detail Report for researching purposes.
Please refer to the Maintain Absence Quota help script for instructions on how to set up this quota.

ZT33 – Absence and Attendance Detail                                                         Issued 2/4/08
A new report is available for Employee Administrators and Time Administrators that can be used to query absence and attendance records. ZT33 can be executed for a single employee, Organizational Units, or Personnel Areas.

The ZT33 reports individual absence or attendance records for any date range. In addition, the ZT33 identifies from which absence quota absence hours were actually deducted. This report is extremely useful in determining whether annual leave (LA) hours were actually deducted from an employee’s 1.5 Compensatory, ST Compensatory or annual leave quota(s).

For more information on this transaction, review the ZT33-Absence and Attendance Detail report descriptor.

Data Accuracy for Salary Projections                                                          Issued 1/31/08
The Next Merit Eligibility Date and the Career Progression Date that are found on the Employee’s Date Specification record (IT0041) are critical for accurate classified employee salary projections for both ZP22 – Payroll Project Report and ZP116 – BR9B. These reports do NOT project any increases for employees whose dates are in the past based upon the selection date. It has been noticed that in some instances the Next Merit Eligibility Date is long past. In order to quickly find these, you can run ZP25 - Date Specifications Report for date type 14 Next Merit Elig Date for your agency. Then sort the Date column in ascending sequence to review the past dates to verify that they are indeed valid.

Adding Text to IT207 and IT208                                                                   Issued 1/30/08
Text maintenance is now available on infotype 0207 (Residence Tax Area) and infotype 0208 (Work Tax Area). This allows agencies to attach text to the infotype record in order to document special circumstances.
For further instruction on adding text to a record, please refer to Maintain Text and/or Add a WORD Document (PA30).

ZP45 – Potential Payroll/FI Audit Error Report                                             Issued 1/30/08
A new error message, Missing Direct Deposit Waiver, has been added to ZP45 (Potential Payroll/FI Audit Error Report). This error appears when an employee (excluding deceased) who is active at any point during the pay period has a Bank Details payment method equal to ‘Check’ and no active Direct Deposit Waiver record exists in ISIS HR. As with any error on ZP45, employees with this error will be locked from processing through payroll.
To clear the error:

  • the employee’s Bank Details payment method must be changed to Bank Transfer, or
  • a Request for Direct Deposit Waiver form must be submitted to and approved by the Office of State Uniform Payroll.

Change to Report ZF75                                                                               Issued 1/10/08
The FI Postings Report (formerly named FI Payroll Postings Report) has been enhanced. The changes made are listed below and the report descriptor has been updated.  Variants previously created will need to be re-created.

  • Totals can be obtained for Regular Payroll, Off Cycle, or Both.
  • Regular Period on Demand payment results are now included in the off cycle totals.

Maintenance of IT9 (Other Bank) and
IT25 (Appraisal) Records for Transferred Employees
                                 Issued 12/20/07
Maintenance of records that were created for an employee by a former agency can now be performed by the current agency. Using PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data, the current agency can maintain an employee’s IT9, Bank Details record(s), STy = “other”, as long as the record selected incorporates at least one day that the employee was active in the current agency. Please refer to the online help Maintain Bank Details for additional information.

The Delimit Appraisals (IT0025) screen has been added to the Separation Action and all Transfer Losing Actions. The additional step provides the option of delimiting an active appraisal record whether it is blank or not. If for any reason, the record presented for delimitation should not be delimited (example, the employee transferred between personnel areas within the same department), simply “page forward” to the next screen.

Bank Details Maintenance for Rehires (and other Actions)                        Issued 12/13/07
When an employee separates, the Main Bank (IT 0009) record is automatically changed to a payment method of check effective 30 days from the effective date of the Separation or 30 days from the date the action is entered, whichever is greater. See the OSUP memo for more information http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/OSUP/memos/fy2008/08-16.pdf.

Because of this, it is imperative users maintain the Bank Details carefully when doing a Rehire, or any maintenance to IT0009 during or outside of an action. As detailed in our help scripts, you should always have a “To Date” of 12/31/9999 on the Main Bank record. Below are two examples of problems a few agencies have experienced:

  • Jane Doe is separated timely effective 10/13/07 and her Main Bank is changed to reflect check dated 11/18/07 (system goes 30 days forward, then uses last day of that pay period). She is subsequently rehired with an ISIS Paid agency effective 10/22/07 at which time the HR analyst stores her “EFT” record with an end date of 11/17/07 in error. She will be paid correctly via EFT to start with, until the check record becomes the active record and then the agency is not in compliance with OSUP procedures.
  • Cedric Smith died on 10/30/07 and the Separation is entered on 11/02/07; thus the nightly process creates the check record with a start date of 12/02/07. His agency requests his payroll record be locked for several pay periods until they determine his final payment’s should be made out to “Estate of Cedric Smith.” If not careful when creating the check record for the “Estate Of”, the payment could be issued to the wrong payee and further delay the final payment.
For more information refer to OSUP’s memo 08-16
http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/OSUP/memos/fy2008/08-16.pdf or to Maintain Bank Details

How to Research Deduction Differences between OGB Invoices and ISIS Issued 12/13/07
There is a wage type group available on ZP64 (Employee Wage Type Results Report) to help agencies reconcile OGB invoices/monitoring reports. OGBI can be selected from the Wage Type Group field list to limit the wage types reported to those wage types affected by changes to OGB related products. This will aid in determining why a deduction/refund occurred for an employee.

The document, Determining a Difference Noted on the OGB Invoice, outlines the research method used by the Help Desk. Agencies are encouraged to begin using this document and provide feedback where clarification is necessary.

Leave Reduction Help Script Now Available                                            Issued 12/06/07
The Leave Reduction help script should be used when it is necessary to reduce an employee’s available leave hours. Some potential situations for which this procedure is appropriate include:
  • Upon retirement
  • When an employee moves from a leave earning position to a non leave earning position or a job appointment (excluding any leave hours for which the employee was compensated).
  • At fiscal year end to reduce an employee’s straight time compensatory leave balances (LL), when hours > 360 are not being compensated.

ZF80 – Agency OGB Financial Report                                                        Issued 12/06/07
ZF81 - Agency OGB Financial Report will be disabled on January 8, 2008. ZF80 is an earlier version of this report that has been revamped to read directly from the OGB financial file. You should convert to the new report as soon as possible. Please use this time to create any variants you may have saved for ZF81 to ZF80 as they will be lost when ZF81 is disabled.

ZF10 – Errors from AFS Closures                                                                Issued 11/30/07
ZF10 (Potential Errors from Cost Center Closures) previously reported errors from cost center closures and ZF14 (Potential Errors Due to Rep. Cat. Closures) reported errors from reporting category deletions.  These two error reports have been combined into one transaction, ZF10.  ZF14 will no longer be accessible on November 28, 2007.
To achieve correct payroll expenditure postings in AFS and to prevent substitutions of Cost Centers and deletions of Reporting Categories, execute ZF10.  ZF10 can be used to identify employee master data and/or time data that need to be updated in ISIS HR when a cost center is blocked for posting or a reporting category is deleted in AFS.  ZF10 can be run only for personnel area(s) and only checks for errors on master data valid in the present payroll period.  It is recommended that ZF10 be executed on the Monday before payroll is run and that corrections to HR Master data and/or Time File data be made before payroll runs.

Additional Output Fields on ZP135 - Flexible Employee Data Report         Issued 11/20/07
Three new output columns are available for selection on ZP135: Employee Group Text, Employee Sub Group Text, and Personnel SubArea Text.

Additional Output Field on the ZMDSHEET – Employee Notification Form  Issued 11/20/07
Agency Hire Date has been added to the Employment Related Dates portion of the ZMDSHEET.

ZP28 – Detail to Special Duty Report                                                           Issued 11/2/07
The ZP28 Detail to Special Duty Report now has the Next Merit Date available as a hidden field. When you run this report, you can see if the employee has a merit date within the detail to special duty period. The report outputs the Subtype 14 – Next Merit Eligibility Date from Infotype 41 - Date Specifications on run date of the report (today’s date).

Several months ago, agencies were contacted concerning the correction of B LOA relationships on positions to B OWN relationships. Currently, there are approximately 14 B LOA relationships in Production. Please run the ZP28 with the Leave of Absence radio button selected. Once the report runs, select the hidden column, Relationship. Please delimit the B LOA relationships on the original positions and create new relationships as B OWN.

There are also employees in Production that have separated and have DSD or LOA contract types, so they still output on this report. Please run ZP28 with the Detail to Special Duty radio button selected first and then Leave of Absence radio button selected. Each time the report runs, scroll to the far right and make note of all employees with position number 99999999. Agencies should copy the existing contract type for these employees, change the effective date to the separation date and change the contract type to the previously approved contract type (Permanent, Probational, etc.) to correct the contract type record.

ZS13 – User Index Regeneration Report                                                        Issued 11/2/07
"Help! I need to pull in my employee from the Transfer Zone today!"

Has this happened to you? The losing agency finally put your new employee in the transfer zone today, but SAP security prevents you from completing the transfer process. A new transaction, ZS13, will resolve this problem without assistance from the ISIS HR Help Desk. Simply go to ZS13 and click “execute”. It’s that easy!

This transaction can be executed by Employee Administrators when a “No authorization” message is received for a record you should be able to maintain. The program resolves structural issues within Organizational Management when another user maintains a position and “temporarily” interrupts your ability to maintain the record.

Execute this transaction when another user creates or changes a position, and you need the ability to put an employee into that position on the same day.

For more information, refer to the ZS13 - User Index Regeneration help script.

ZP131 No Longer Available, Use ZP169 - Payroll Locks                               Issued 11/2/07
ZP169 - Payroll Locks has been available since December 2006, so we are disabling access to ZP131 – Locked Employees Report. ZP169 has much more functionality and allows you to see what error(s) may be causing the lock and whether the error(s) still exist.
Refer to ISIS memo # 07-020 and the ZP169 - Payroll Locks help script for more information.

Who to Call with e-Enrollment or Benefits Questions                               Reissued 11/2/07
The information below will help you decide which department you should call when you encounter a problem with e-Enrollment or benefits. 
ISIS Help Desk call 225-342-2677

  1. The employees coverage is correct in eEnrollment and ISIS, but the premiums were not deducted correctly.
  2. A one-time deduction or refund for an OGB product is due, but was not issued. The product and effective date are correct in ISIS.

    eEnrollment Help Desk call 225-922-2523 

    1. February 6, 2008e employees flexible benefits participation is incorrect in eEnrollment or in ISIS.
    2. The employees miscellaneous premium is incorrect.
    3. The employees miscellaneous effective date is incorrect.
    4. The employees miscellaneous premium is split and it shouldnt be.
    5. The employees information is correct in eEnrollment, but not in ISIS.
    6. All problems with FSA accounts.
    7. The employees miscellaneous product one-time deduction or refund was not on the correct check.
    8. The employees OGB product split premiums are incorrect.

    OGB Eligibility Departmentcall 225-925-6343 or your agency representative

    1. The employees effective date for health coverage is incorrect.
    2. The employees effective date for life coverage is incorrect.
    3. All questions regarding health and life eligibility.
    4. The employee would like to selectively cover dependents for health and life.