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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

November 21, 2006

Review of Vacant Positions 
ISIS HR Tax Models/Retirement Plan 
New DIFFERENCES Variant Also Available On ZY08
Savings Bond Deductions
Prior Period Absences That Precede a Leave Payout 
Changes to ZP36, FTE Percent Audit Report
Changes to ZP74-Recurring/Additional Payments/Deductions Detail Report
Having Problems with Leave Payout?
Creating a Tickler System for HR related matters through ISIS HR
Entering LH for Multiple Employees using PA71
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New DIFFERENCES Variant Also Available On ZY08 Issued 04/07/06

ISIS Memo 06-27 introduced a new variant on ZP106 to identify by pay period and wage type, all adjustments to prior period earnings that occurred during the period requested. If you are on the Listserv you received a notice about this, if not sign-up now by clicking here.

ZY08 now includes this functionality. By choosing the Report Option Prior Period Adj/Claims Info (ZP2P), you can see any differences from prior periods, after master data or time entry maintenance has been performed.

Savings Bond Deductions Issued 03/24/06

New wage types have been created for US Savings Bonds deductions on infotype 14. Wage types 5C49 (Before Levy) and 5E49 (After Levy) are effective 03/13/06 and permissibility for the existing wage types 5249 and 5449 ends 03/12/06. Current deductions will be walked over to the new wage types by OIS.

Prior Period Absences That Precede a Leave PayoutIssued 03/24/06

Routinely, agencies have the need to enter prior period absences. If a leave payout (IT416) exists with an effective date subsequent to the absence date, the payout must be deleted before keying the retroactive absence. If not deleted, the system will issue a hard error stating Leave is dated on or before an affected 416. When this error is received:

1) Delete any IT416 leave payout records that have an effective date > the absence date.

2) Enter and save the prior period absence.

3)Run Time Eval/Absence Recalc (ZP109).

4) Re-create the payout(s). If successful, you are finished.

If unsuccessful, run ZT06 - Absence Quota Report to determine hours available for payout.

See the on-line help scripts for Entering Retro Leave or Correcting ZT04 Rejected Absence Errors (ZT06) and Leave Payout (PA30, PA61) for additional help.

Changes to ZP36, FTE Percent Audit Report Issued 03/13/06

ZP36, FTE Percent Audit, has been modified as follows:

  • Position FTE was eliminated as an output field.
  • Capacity Utilization Level, from Basic Pay IT0008, will reflect the employees percent of effort.
  • Total FTE outputs the sum of the Capacity Utilization values for all employees currently occupying the position.
  • Other Selections button was removed.

Changes to ZP74-Recurring/Additional Payments/Deductions Detail Report Issued 02/23/06

Effective 02/24/2006, ZP74 has been modified to only generate information from Recurring Deductions infotype (0014) and Additional Deductions infotype (0015) and can be used to obtain statistical information such as which employees have Split Premiums, which employees have Savings Bond Deductions, etc.

NOTE: A future release of this report will provide information about wage types for Initial Balance, Year to Date Amount, Year to Date Balance and Remaining Balance.

Entering LH for Multiple Employees Using PA71 Issued 11/18/05

Friday, November 25, 2005 has been declared Acadian Day in the state ofLouisiana and shall be observed as a legal holiday. Time Administrators are encouraged to use transaction code PA71 Fast Entry of Time Data for entry of these holiday hours (LH). This transaction facilitates creation of full-day absence entries for multiple employees from a single screen. However, the PA71 transaction cannot be used for employees on a 24/7 work schedule.

If a time administrator inadvertently attempts to create a full-day LH absence for an employee's OFF day, an error will be generated.

If an absence exists on this day, a collision error will be generated. If the collision error is accepted, the original absence is overwritten.

It is critical that time administrators retrieve and follow the Fast Entry of Time Datascript when executing this transaction.

Once all LH entries have been created, it is recommended that time administrators run ZP136 (Total Attendance and Absence Report) or ZT02 (Time Entry Audit Report) to validate that entries exist for necessary employees.

PA71 can also be utilized for entry of LHDH hours, when a time administrator has several employees that will observe Acadian Day (or any holiday) on an alternate date.