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October 11, 2005

Improvements to ZP116 BR9B Report
Creating Address Labels
Infotype 167 Health Plans
ZP12 Layoff Determination Report
Changing Action Reasons or Positions
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Improvements to ZP116 BR9B Report Issued 06/24/05

ZP116, BR9B report, now includes a column for emoluments. Emoluments are taxable cash from Infotype 0014 (i.e., wage types 0101 - Taxable Cash Housing/Utility, 0105 - Taxable Cash Meals, 0110 - Taxable Cash Personal Vehicle Use, 0114 - Taxable Cash Uniforms, 0153 - Taxable Cash Cell Phone and 0154 Taxable Cash Supp Allow).

The value appearing in the Emolument column is the sum of all bi-weekly emoluments, effective on the date for which the report is executed, multiplied by the number of pay periods in the upcoming fiscal year. This amount is included in the total for Requested Salary.

Other changes to the report include:

  • a correction to the report relative to the life insurance column. The report is now calculating the correct amount for life insurance based on the plan the employee has with the cost rounded up.
  • a change to the totaling functionality of the report. Aggregate totals have been replaced with summary totals

ZP12 Layoff Determination Report Issued 06/10/05

B OWN data is now output on ZP12. When processing an employee, if ZP12 finds a B OWN relationship on the employees owned position, data is output for both the current position and the owned position. Existence of a detail-related informational wage type on Basic Pay (e.g., 0099, 9517) or contract type on Contracts Elements alone will not trigger output of B OWN data. For this reason, agencies are encouraged to run ZP28, DSD/LOA Audit Report, before running ZP12 to identify any fields that do not accurately reflect the detail to special duty and perform any corrective maintenance. ZP12 can only be relied upon if the data it reads is complete and correct.

For more information, click ZP12 Layoff Determination Report to access a detailed report descriptor.