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September 14, 2005

ZP41 - Employee Educational Report
ZP20 Special Pay Crossover Report
Changes Resulting From 04/19/05
Application of LCPs
Improvements to ZT02 Time Entry Audit Report
Cancelling a Transaction in ISIS HR
ZP28-The DSD/LOA Audit Report
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ZP20 Special Pay Crossover Report Issued 04/22/2005

ZP20 Special Pay Crossover Report has recently replaced ZF20 and has been modified. This report is a good audit tool to find both employees that have Special Pay and also identify positions that are authorized for Special Pay. ZP20 can be found in the Statistical Summary folder under State of Louisiana Reporting.

Any employee listed as having Special Pay on their Basic Pay record but no Special Pay authorization on their position should be reviewed. Likewise, if the position has Special Pay attached and the employee does not, this should also be reviewed. For more information see the report descriptor ZP20 Special Pay Crossover Report.

Improvements to ZT02 Time Entry Audit Report Issued 04/08/05

ZT02, Time Entry Audit report, now includes an option to display and print an employees planned hours by day, in addition to the absence and attendance hours entered by the time administrator or through LEO.

Also new, any hours entered using a date range will now output on ZT02 under the specific days of the week when taken or earned. For example, if a 40 hour annual absence was entered using a date range: 04/04/05 04/08/05, timekeepers will now see 8 under the Week 2 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday columns. Previously, only the dates entered would output under Valid From and Valid Until columns along with 40 in the Hours column. This, we hope, will make it easier for the time administrator to spot differences when comparing ZT02 to the original employee timesheet.

It is recommended that Time administrators take a minute to run the report and view these improvements.

ZP28-The DSD/LOA Audit Report Issued 04/08/05

ZP28-The DSD/LOA Audit Report was recently modified. For an employee to be output when either the Detail to Special Duty or Leave of Absence radio button is selected, one or both of the following conditions must exist, or have existed at some point during the period indicated:

  • Infotype 0016 contract type must equal

o Perm Class Detail or Prob Class Detail for Detail to Special Duty


o Perm LOA Cl/Uncl or Perm Snr Exec X Prog for Leave of Absence.

  • The owned position must have a B OWN or B LOA relationship.

Employees on Detail to Special Duty and/or Leave of Absence should have either the B OWN or B LOA relationships, respectively, on their original positions. They should have Contract Types and Valid Until data values on Infotype 0016 (Contract Type). Finally, these employees should also have Informational Wage Types and original pay amounts stored on Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay). ZP28 allows you to easily audit for the existence of these items.

Review theZP28 report descriptor updates.