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May 27, 2005


IT0002 (Personal Data) - Known As
ZP13 The Action Reason/Pay Reason Report ZP14 The Action History Report
Action Errors
ZX25 (Security Access by Personnel Area)
Who to Call with e-Enrollment or Benefits Questions
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IT0002 (Personal Data) - Known As Issued 03/11/05

Agencies were advised in Office of State Uniform Payroll Memorandum #2002-38, that when adding employees to ISIS, users must input the name exactly as it appears on the employees social security card. On occasion, the name appearing in ISIS HR is not the name that the employee prefers to be known as. The "Known as" field on IT0002 (Personal Data) offers a great place to store an additional name value for an employee. For example, if Amanda Black, is known as Mandy Black, Mandy could be stored in the Known As field on IT0002.

We recently added Known As as a hidden output field on ZP21 - Employee Statistical Report and ZP152 - Communication IT0105 Report. It will also display and print on the Employee Notification Form (ZMDSHEET) in the "Personal Information" section.

ZP13 The Action Reason/Pay Reason Report and Issued 03/03/05
ZP14 The Action History Report

ZP13 and ZP14 both now accurately report information related to transfers. In the past, as a result of Gaining Transfer information being stored on the same date as the Losing, this report did not correctly provide information for the Losing agency in the Transfer Losing action output. Losing agency information will now be correctly reported, even after the Gaining action has been performed. 

Action Errors Issued 03/03/05

Actions in the HR system generate each necessary infotype in order, one after the other; however, the deletion of an action does not work the same way. Many users are attempting to delete incorrect or incomplete actions on their own, inadvertently creating a larger problem because the system does not delete all related infotypes dynamically. If you encounter an action that was done in error DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DELETE THE ACTION ON YOUR OWN. Please submit a help-desk ticket requesting the deletion and include as much detail about the problem as possible.

ZX25 (Security Access by Personnel Area) Issued 02/25/2005

ZX25 (Security Access by Personnel Area) has been updated to include a brief description of agency security roles listed on Remedy Form ISF048. Security Administrators are encouraged to review ZX25 periodically to ensure that all positions within their authority have the proper security permissions. ZX25 Report Descriptor 

Who to Call with e-Enrollment or Benefits Questions Issued 04/02/2004

The information below will help you decide which department you should call when you encounter a problem with e-Enrollment or benefits.

ISIS Help Desk call 225- 342-2677

  1. The employees coverage is correct in eEnrollment and ISIS, but the premiums were not deducted correctly.
  2. A one-time deduction or refund for an OGB product is due, but was not issued. The product and effective date are correct in ISIS.

eEnrollment Help Desk call 225-922-2523

  1. The employees flexible benefits participation is incorrect in eEnrollment or in ISIS.
  2. The employees miscellaneous premium is incorrect.
  3. The employees miscellaneous effective date is incorrect.
  4. The employees miscellaneous premium is split and it shouldnt be.
  5. The employees information is correct in eEnrollment, but not in ISIS.
  6. All problems with FSA accounts.
  7. The employees miscellaneous product one-time deduction or refund was not on the correct check.
  8. The employees OGB product split premiums are incorrect.

OGB Eligibility Department call 225-925-6343 or your agency representative

  1. The employees effective date for health coverage is incorrect.
  2. The employees effective date for life coverage is incorrect.
  3. All questions regarding health and life eligibility.
  4. The employee would like to selectively cover dependents for health and life.