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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

May 19, 2006

Changing Default Printer Settings WhenISIS HR Security is Added Issued 02/20/06

When user IDs are originally created for an employee, the Output Device default value is automatically set to PDF for LEO only users. Later, when this same employee is hired into a position that has access to ISIS HR (example: they become a time or employee administrator), this value must be changed. Heres how to do that:

From the Easy Access menu go to SU0 (or click on User Settings, Maintain Default Printer), then click on the Defaults tab. If the Output Device field has PDF, this is the problem. Click on the matchcode search and select a network printer thats already defined to ISIS HR, OR enter LOCL in the field. Next click on Validate, then Save.

WARNING: DO NOT CHANGE any other information on this screen!

ISIS HR Help Desk Email Address is Changing  Issued 12/23/05

Effective January 1, 2006, the @doa.state.la.us email address format will be retired. This change will affect requests sent via email to the ISIS HR Helpdesk. To ensure that help requests are sent to the correct address, submit a ticket using the ISIS HR Help Desk Form. A button linking to this form can be found at the top of any on-line help page.

Changes to ZP50 - Basic Pay Informational/Statistical Report Issued 12/02/05

ZP50 has been modified and can now output all pay rates stored on IT0008 for an employee. To accomplish this, a new Report Option was added to the selection screen that offers two output choices: 

Regular Pay (Hrly/Bi-wkly Rates) Only [default]

Only regular pay wage types are output (i.e., 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 96PP and 0097).

All IT0008 Wage Types

All wage types output that exist on IT0008, for the time period identified, are output. This includes special pay wage types and informational wage types.

Further, ZP50 was converted to the new ALV format. Users will notice that several of the icons have taken on a new look. To determine what function an icon delivers, place your cursor over that icon and its descriptive text will display. For more information on ALV functions, refer to the ISIS HR Reports Manual.

ZP18 Position Data by Job Issued 11/18/05

A new Detail Option has been added to ZP18, Position Data by Job. The new option: Position totals by PA/Subarea, when selected, sorts the output by Personnel Area, Personnel Subarea, Job. Personnel Area, Personnel Subarea and Personnel Subarea Text will be output. Personnel Area Text, Company Code and Company Code text are output, but hidden.

Please take time to review the updated ZP18 report descriptor.

New Security Report ZS06; ZX25 to be retired 12/01/05  Issued 10/11/05

ZS06, Position Security Report,replaces ZX25 and gives much more flexibility to report on security access for your agency. You can quickly get security information for your Personnel Area(s), on a specific position, on a personnel number or for a particular security role.

For more detailed information on this report see the ZS06 Position Security Report report descriptor.

REMINDER: since permissions should be restricted to current business needs, your agencys HR Security Administrator(s) should closely monitor security authorizations on a regular basis.