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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

April 13, 2007


Processing Quota Corrections for Employees Separating in Pay Period 1 
Changes to ZP45
New OGB Wage Type Group on ZP64
New Financial Report - ZF20 - FY Payroll Summary Report 
New Wage Type - 0157
Automated One Time Premium Deductions
New Wage Type - 0155 
BR9B Rates for FY 2007 - 2008 
Changes to Transfer Adjustments 
Dependent Life Transfer Adjustments 
Who to Call with e-Enrollment or Benefits Questions
ZT02 Time Entry Audit Report
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Processing Quota Corrections for Employees Separating in Pay Period 1 Issued 12/19/06

Have you received this error message: "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013"?

Here's why:

Quota records are created yearly effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. These new quota records are actually created when time evaluation runs on the last day of the first pay period of the payroll year.

Entitlements or leave earnings reflected in these yearly records, on occasion, must be manually corrected using IT2013 records. This is necessary, for example, when you must post the final accrual for a separating employee or when an employee transfers in from a non-paid agency.

The system can't correct a quota record until the record exists for that payroll year, hence the error message "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013".

To manually create a quota record, create an IT2006 (type 20 and 22) effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. No amount is necessary in the Quota Number field. Validate and save, then proceed with the Maintain Quota Entitlement for Regular Leave Earners procedure.

Changes to ZP45 Issued 11/13/06

ZP45 has been enhanced to include the following 3 new error checks:

  • 0006 INFOTYPE MISSING - indicates a missing Address record.
  • 0006 NO PERMANENT ADDRESS - means an Address record exists, but not a Permanent Address record.
  • IT0001-EE grp with wrong W/T 0001 (W/T 0002, etc) - shows a mismatch between the EE Group and the Wage Type on Basic Pay.

Please refer to the report descriptor for more information.

NewOGB Wage Type Group on ZP64 Issued 11/13/06

There is a new wage type group available on ZP64 (Employee Wage Type Results Report) to help agencies reconcile OGB invoices/monitoring reports. OGBI can be selected from the Wage Type Group field list to limit the wage types reported to those wage types affected by changes to OGB related products. This will aid in determining why a deduction/refund occurred for an employee.

The HR Help Desk will soon discontinue assisting agencies with the reconciliation of OGB invoices. A new document, Determining a Difference Noted on the OGB Invoice, outlines the research method used by the Help Desk. Agencies are encouraged to begin using this document and provide feedback where clarification is necessary. 

New Financial Report - ZF20 - FY Payroll Summary Report Issued 10/19/2006

The report provides payroll expenditure data for past Fiscal Years. Data can be selected as high level as Personnel Area or as detailed as a particular Wage Type. The data is obtained from the
ISIS HR system and will be compiled on a table that will be generated at the close of each Fiscal Year.

This report can be used to provide information such as trends in monies spent in certain categories from one fiscal year to the previous fiscal year. Examples of the trends are overtime pay, basic pay, health premiums, etc.

New Wage Type - 0157 Issued 10/05/06

Effective pay period 21/2006, a new wage type has been created to handle return from detail last day pay. Wage type 0157, Return f/Det Last Day Pay, is available on IT0015 only. This wage type should be used when an employee is returned from detail prior to separation and the last day worked should be paid at the detailed rate. The amount entered should reflect the total difference between the detailed rate and the regular rate for the last day worked and should be entered as a positive amount.

Automated One Time Premium Deductions Issued 8/30/06

Effective Period 19.2006,ISIS HR will automatically create the necessary one-time deductions for both the employee and employer share of insurance premiums when an employee is:

  • hired into an ISIS HR Paid agency
  • rehired into an ISIS HR Paid agency or
  • transfered from an ISIS HR Non-Paid agency into an ISIS HR Paid agency.

Agencies will no longer have to create one-times or request the assistance of the ISIS HR Help Desk to create the necessary IT0015 records. Record creation will occur in conjunction with the processing of the employees insurance updates received from OGB (eEnrollment interface). These records will reflect a Changed By value of BEN_AUTO_1T and will be included on ZP111 (Logged Changes in Infotype Data). Refer to ISIS Memo 07-006 for more information.

New Wage Type - 0155Issued 8/11/06

Effective pay period 17/2006, a new wage type has been created to handle Annual Leave Buy Back. Wage type 0155, Annual Leave Buy Back, is restricted to OIS and OSUP only. Requests for recurring deductions beginning 07/31/2006 related to annual leave buy back should be forwarded to the Office State Uniform Payroll (OSUP).

BR9B Rates for FY 2007 - 2008Issued 7/28/06

In preparation for agencies to begin running the BR9B (ZP116) for FY 2007-2008 budget requests, updates have been made to the health insurance state share amount that is utilized in the projection of vacant positions. The established rates are:

  • Retirement state share projected at 19.1% (same as last year)
  • Health insurance state share projected at $7,768.32 (equivalent of Employee w/Spouse PPO or EPO (last year the amount was $7,393.44)
  • Life insurance state share projected at $276.00 (same as last year)

The BR9B is currently being revised to utilize the cost centers from IT 1018 (Position Cost Distribution). Additional information will be forthcoming in the near future.

Changes to Transfer AdjustmentsIssued 7/28/06

We recently advised users of changes to Transfer Adjustments by issuing ISIS Memorandum 07-001 and revising the Create Transfer Adjustment Entries online help script. There has been some confusion about this issue, so to clarify ISIS HR procedures here are several key points to remember:

  • Transfer Adjustments are only necessary for pre-paid OGB deductions (Health, Life and Dependent Life) - this has not changed.
  • For Medical and Life you now need to adjust - for employee and employer premiums - in the amount of the premiums deducted in past pay periods, PLUS the amount that will be charged to the losing agency for the current pay period.
  • Dependent Life adjustments will ONLY be for the amount of the premiums deducted in past pay periods - this also has not changed.

For more information please read the Create Transfer Adjustment Entries online help script.

Dependent Life Transfer Adjustments Issued 07/21/06

ISIS Memorandum 07-001 was issued advising you of the Transfer Adjustment Calculation Change. It was not made clear that Dependent Life is not included in the calculation change. Dependent Life does not go through the same process as Medical and Employee Life insurance. Because of this, Dependent Life Transfer Adjusting Entries should only be created in the amount needed for past periods. Current period premiums will reflect with the Gaining Agency.

TheCreate Transfer Adjustment Entriesonline help scripthas been updated to further explain transfer adjusting entries for Dependent Life.

Who to Call with e-Enrollment or Benefits Questions Reissued 06/16/2006

The information below will help you decide which department you should call when you encounter a problem with e-Enrollment or benefits.

ISIS Help Desk call 225-342-2677

  1. The employees coverage is correct in eEnrollment and ISIS, but the premiums were not deducted correctly.
  2. A one-time deduction or refund for an OGB product is due, but was not issued. The product and effective date are correct in ISIS.

eEnrollment Help Desk call 225-922-2523

  1. The employees flexible benefits participation is incorrect in eEnrollment or in ISIS.
  2. The employees miscellaneous premium is incorrect.
  3. The employees miscellaneous effective date is incorrect.
  4. The employees miscellaneous premium is split and it shouldnt be.
  5. The employees information is correct in eEnrollment, but not in ISIS.
  6. All problems with FSA accounts.
  7. The employees miscellaneous product one-time deduction or refund was not on the correct check.
  8. The employees OGB product split premiums are incorrect.

OGB Eligibility Departmentcall 225-925-6343 or your agency representative

  1. The employees effective date for health coverage is incorrect.
  2. The employees effective date for life coverage is incorrect.
  3. All questions regarding health and life eligibility.
  4. The employee would like to selectively cover dependents for health and life.

ZT02 Time Entry Audit Report Issued 05/11/2006

The report options for ZT02 Time Entry Audit Report have been expanded. The report can now be run with the following report options:

  • Do Not Display Planned Working Hours
  • Display Planned Working Hours For Employees with Att/Abs Records
  • Display Planned Working Hours For All Employees