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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

April 8, 2005

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ISIS HR has been upgraded to Version 4.7 - click for details 
ZP154 - OrgPublisher Data Extract Changes to ZP19 and Deletion of ZF26 and ZF27
Maintaining Other Bank Records OGB eEnrollment Updates and Transfer P-P Actions
Absence Quotas ZP116 BR9B Report

ZP154 - OrgPublisher Data Extract  Issued 01/06/05

Additional fields have been added to ZP154s OrgPublisher data extract. These include Job Number, PS Group, Planned Vacancy, and Personnel Number of position owner if a B OWN or
B LOA relationship exists.

Other changes were necessary in order to accommodate the new version of OrgPublisher, 6.0, which agencies should now be running. When running ZP154, you no longer have to provide the path where your OrgPublisher software is stored, only the path where you wish to store the extracted data.

As a result of these changes, you may experience problems with previously stored report variants. If this occurs, simply recreate the variant. Refer to StLA Help for more information on report standard variants.

Changes to ZP19 and Deletion of ZF26 and ZF27 Issued 12/24/04

ZP19-Position Data by Personnel Area Report has recently been modified to add additional selection fields: Organizational Unit Number, Cost Center, and AFS Program and additional (hidden) output fields: AFS Program, AFS Subprogram and Contract Type for the incumbent.

As a result of these enhancements, ZF26-Position Data by AFS Program Report and ZF27-Position Summary by AFS Program Report will be removed from ISIS HR production effective March 1, 2005. Any user-defined report variants utilized on ZF26 or ZF27 should be redefined for ZP19 prior to this date. 

Maintaining Other Bank Records Issued 12/09/2004

The Help Desk is often asked to assist an Employee Administrator when security won't allow them to update an employee's Other bank record. This problem arises when an employee, who transferred into the agency, requests a change to a record that was originally created by the losing agency.

This type of change, don't forget, can be made by the employees themselves using LEO (Louisiana Employees Online). An excellent help instruction is accessible within LEO which walks the employee through this process, step-by-step.

OGB eEnrollment Updates and Transfer P-P Actions Issued 12/09/04

In the event an employee is transferring from an ISIS HR Paid agency to another ISIS HR Paid agency, Employee Administrators should ensure that all changes have been made in the OGB eEnrollment system prior to entering the Transfer I-Losing P-P. Once the Transfer I has been entered, it will be sent to OGB on the nightly file. Any changes made in eEnrollment on the same day or after the Transfer is processed will not update ISIS HR.

Absence QuotasReissued 7/30/04

  • Absence quotas that are limited to a maximum number of DAYS per calendar year by Civil Service DO NOT generate reliable results in ISIS HR for POSITIVE time status, 24/7 employees.
  • Due to the 24 hour daily work schedule, ISIS HR does not reduce the remaining available quota by 1 day until, for example, 2 twelve hours absences have been recorded or 3 eight hour absences (totaling 24 hours).
  • The only way this quota can be accurately reduced is if a daily substitution is created for each absence date reflecting the true work hours for that day, (e.g. 8, 10, 9).
  • Some examples of quotas that are accounted for in DAYS include:
    • Military Active Leave
    • Military Physical Exam
    • Military Training Leave
    • Civil Air Patrol

If you do not wish to do all the necessary substitutions, a suggestion would be to manually monitor DAY type quotas for positive time status 24/7 employees outside of ISIS HR.

ZP116 BR9B Report Issued 07/16/04

In preparation for agencies to begin running the BR9B (ZP116) for FY 2005-2006 budget requests, updates have been made to the benefit state share amounts projected for VACANT positions. These changes are as follows:

Life insurance state share projected as $276.00 (same as last FY)

Health insurance state share projected as $6,483.60 (equivalent of PPO/EPO Employee w/Spouse; last FY the projected amount was $4,052.88.)

Retirement state share projected as 17.8% (last FY was 15.8%)

Salary (if classified) - midpoint of the pay range tied to the position (same as last FY).


A Vacancy projection is done for a position if

1) There is no current holder relationship for the position.

2) The position is identified as a "planned vacancy" on the Department/Staff infotype (1003).

3) The job associated with the position must have a cost planning infotype (1015).

ZP116 does not project for VACANT unclassified positions. It does however, output the position with no $$ amount, so that it can be included in the headcount as long as conditions 1) and 2) listed above are met.