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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

March 26, 2010


1/4/10 DON’T FORGET, if working with quota buckets for the new year… 
8/28/09 ZT35 Available Leave Hours
8/17/09 ZT23 Time Entry/Rate Worksheet
8/13/09 ZF65 EE Payroll Expenditure Detail Report
1/30/09 Employees Claiming "Exempt" on Federal Taxes
1/30/09 Duplicate W-2's
1/14/09 How to Recoup an Overpayment from a Separated Employee
12/16/08 Processing Quota Corrections for Employees Separating in Pay Period 1
12/12/08 Off Cycle Payments now output on ZF69
12/12/08 Reduction in Pay Wage Type
11/19/08 ZP119 - 403(b) Contributions Balance Report
11/19/08 New Way to Audit Prior Period Leaves & Attendence Corrections
10/2/08 Change to ZY01 – Payroll Simulation Error Report
9/19/08 ZS06 - Position Security Report
9/12/08 GUST and HIKE Added to ZT23 - Time Entry/Rate Worksheet  
8/12/08 Enhanced ISIS HR Search Functionality 
7/31/08 New ISIS HR Help Desk Web Ticket  
7/25/08 BR9B Rates for FY 2009 - 2010  
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DON’T FORGET, if working with quota buckets for the new year…                   Issued 1/4/10


The system can’t correct a quota record until the record exists for that payroll year, hence the error message “NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013”.  Quota records for 2010 won’t be created by the system until Sunday, January 10th.  

If you need to manually create a quota record, create an IT2006 (type 20 and 22) effective the first day of pay period 1 (12/28/09) thru the last day of pay period 26 (12/26/10).  No amount is necessary in the Quota Number field.  Validate and save, then proceed with the Maintain Quota Entitlement for Regular Leave Earners procedure.

ZT35 Available Leave Hours                                                                            Issued 8/28/09
A new transaction, ZT35 – Available Leave Hours, is now available for Employee and Time Administrators.  This is a utility report that can be run for one employee to determine their remaining leave balance as of a specific date.  You can specify whether to include or exclude future dated absence hours.  In the case of compensatory leave balances, the Available balance will include earnings entered prior to when time evaluation was last run for that employee. 


This report should prove helpful when researching rejected absences that appear on the ZT04 – Absence Quota Error report or when preparing to store leave payouts or reductions.  For more information, please review the ZT35 Available Leave Hours report descriptor. 

ZT23 Time Entry/Rate Worksheet                                                                     Issued 8/17/09

ZT23 has recently been enhanced.

  • An Other Date range parameter has been added.  Now specific date ranges can be searched in addition to single or multiple pay periods.
  • The specific Activity Code Detail Option area of the report was replaced by two new selection fields: Att/Abs Type and Activity Code.
  • The Report Options section includes two new entries:  1) Display Calendar dates and 2) Display all entries for any period that includes Activity code selected above.

Be sure to review the ZT23 Report Descriptor for a more detailed explanation of these new options.

ZF65 EE Payroll Expenditure Detail Report                                                      Issued 8/13/09

The Hours columns (Actual, Current, and Previous) have been changed to only include those wage types that make up the actual hours worked or hours absent.


Examples:  regular hours, overtime hours (straight pay portion), annual leave, sick leave, jury duty, office closure, worker’s comp absences, etc.


Three new columns for Other hours (Other Actual, Other Current, and Other Previous) have been added.  These columns will now contain those wage types for which additional monies were paid and for hours associated with leave payout.


Examples:  shift differential, the .5 piece of overtime, retention and recruitment, hazardous duty, uniform allowance, and extra duty pay


See the ZF65 – EE Payroll Expenditure Detail Report descriptor for more information.


Employees Claiming “Exempt” on Federal Taxes                                          Issued 1/30/09

All employees claiming “exempt” on their 2008 federal tax withholding record must re-file a new W-4 if they wish to claim “exempt” for 2009.  Review ZP65 – Employee Tax Report to verify who’s claiming exempt.  Remember the Federal Withholding (IT0210) record will revert back to the previous filing status effective 2/16/2009 unless a new “exempt” record is entered for 2009.

See OSUP’s memo 2009-31 for more information

Duplicate W-2's                                                                                                Issued 1/30/09

Effective February 2, 2009, ISIS paid employees will be able to view and/or print duplicate W-2s for themselves in LEO for years 2005 - 2008.  To access this functionality the employee, once in LEO, will click on My Info > Payment Info > Duplicate W-2.  Online help is available with detailed instructions.

Please note, if an employee has a pending or issued W-2C for any of the available years, they will be unable to request a duplicate through LEO.  When attempting to view the W-2, they will receive the message, “Contact your Human Res Office to request a duplicate W-2.”  Employee Administrators should follow current procedures when requesting a duplicate for the employee from the Office of State Uniform Payroll.   Refer to OSUP memo # 2009-33 for more information.

Each year on February 1st, duplicate W-2s will be available for the previous year.

How to Recoup an Overpayment from a Separated Employee                       Issued 1/14/09

When a separated employee has been overpaid there are a few things you should remember when trying to recoup the over payment:

  1. Make sure that all corrections have been made to the master data;
  2. A payroll result must be stored to create the claim (through a regular payroll run or an off cycle correction).
  3. If an off cycle correction is stored, email the Help Desk:
    • advising them not to delete the off cycle results (as it will more than likely show up on ZF70 with an error) and
    • request a total net due to collect from the employee;
  4. Once the net due payment has been received from the employee, email the Help Desk with the check number, check total and check date to have the claim cleared in the system.

Processing Quota Corrections for Employees Separating in Pay Period 1    Issued 12/16/08
Have you received this error message: "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013"?
Here's why:
Quota records are created yearly effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. These new quota records are actually created when time evaluation runs on the last day of the first pay period of the payroll year. Entitlements or leave earnings reflected in these yearly records, on occasion, must be manually corrected using IT2013 records. This is necessary, for example, when you must post the final accrual for a separating employee or when an employee transfers in from a non-paid agency. The system can't correct a quota record until the record exists for that payroll year, hence the error message "NO TYPE 20 QUOTA RECORD EXISTS. CREATE IT2006 & THEN SAVE IT2013".

To manually create a quota record, create an IT2006 (type 20 and 22) effective the first day of pay period 1 thru the last day of pay period 26. No amount is necessary in the Quota Number field. Validate and save, then proceed with the Maintain Quota Entitlement for Regular Leave Earners procedure. 

Off Cycle Payments now output on ZF69                                                        Issued 12/12/09

Enhancements have been made to the selection screen and output for ZF69 Payroll Gross/Net Wages Comparison Report.  This report now outputs off-cycle results and includes additional columns such as payroll type, pay year, pay date, and employment status for both the selected period and period immediately prior. 


Please take time to review the updated report descriptor for ZF69 – Payroll Comparison Report as it contains many new sorting tips that might prove helpful.

Reduction in Pay Wage Type                                                                        Issued 12/12/08


The following wage types have been added to ISIS HR with a permissibility date of 12/01/2008:


Wage Type 0276:  Reduction In Pay (maintained as a negative amount on Infotype 0014 or on Infotype 0015)

Wage Type 0277:  Reduction In Pay Bal (maintained as a positive amount on Infotype 0015)


The purpose of these wage types is to provide a mechanism for a reduction in pay while the employee is actively working.  Usage of these wage types will reduce the employee’s gross wages, taxable wages and retirement wages.


Use Report ZP74 – Recurring/Additional Payments/Deds Detail Report or Deduction Balance, report option Deduction Balance with Payroll Results, to track the total to date paid as well as the remaining balance.

ZP119 - 403(b) Contributions Balance Report                                                 Issued 11/19/08

Enhancements have been made to the selection screen and output of the ZP119 403(b) Contributions Balance Report as coordinated with OSUP.  This report will continue to be used to review and analyze employee data as it relates to those participating in a 403(b) plan.  Review the report descriptor for ZP119 - 403(b) Contributions Balance Report for additional information.

New Way to Audit Prior Period Leave & Attendance Corrections                  Issued 11/19/08

Users can now run ZT33 - Absence and Attendance Detail by Change Date, in addition to Effective Date.  The new Change Date option retrieves all records last changed during the period specified that have an effective date prior to the start date of that pay period.

For example, if you select Period 25/2008 in combination with the Change Date option, the output will include all absence or attendance records that were last changed between 11/18/2008 and 12/01/2008 (program will include records changed on payroll Monday) that have an effective date prior to 11/17/2008.  This makes it a great tool for verifying prior period corrections.

For more information, click to retrieve the updated  ZT33 - Absence and Attendance Detail report descriptor.

Change to ZY01 – Payroll Simulation Error Report                                          Issued 10/2/08


ISIS HR now automatically corrects the following ZY01 error:   

“Not every unaccounted period is in current for employee XXXXXXXX.  Please update the earliest MD change date in infotype 0003 to YYYYMMDD.  Then rerun payroll for employee XXXXXXXX”


If this error appears in red on the payroll log after executing ZY08 (Payroll Simulation) or attempting to store an off cycle, simply follow the instructions in the error text and re-run the simulation or off cycle.  The second results display will no longer include this error.  

ZS06 – Position Security Report                                                                       Issued 9/19/08
ZS06 has been enhanced. It is now possible to output security roles stored on the User ID (e.g, LEO roles), in addition to those roles the employee inherits from the position held, by selecting a new report option: Show Roles on User IDs.
Highlighted output columns can now be further exploded.  Double click on any
  • Security Role value to display all transactions that the Role gives the EE access to.  (We also added a Security Role description column.) 
  • Personnel No. to see any e-mail addresses stored on the employee’s Communication record (IT0105) 
  • User ID to see all transactions the user can access based on all roles, rather than having to view one role at a time, and 
  • Position to see what PD profiles are stored for that position (if any). 
    PD Profiles (also known as structural authorizations) work in conjunction with security roles to control which objects in an organizational plan a user is permitted to display or update (i.e. Org units, Positions, Qualifications, etc.).

GUST and HIKE Added to ZT23 – Time Entry/Rate Worksheet                         Issued 9/12/08
ZT23 contains time and rate data that can be exported to Excel and used when compiling FEMA-related Labor reimbursement requests (i.e., FEMA Force Account Labor Summary Record). 
When running this report, you can utilize the Date parameter Other Period to encompass dates that employees were performing hurricane-related work for which reimbursement may be sought. 
The new activity codes created for Hurricanes Gustav (GUST) and Ike (HIKE) have been added to the Detail Options of this report.  When any of the specific Hurricane options are selected, the system will output all pay period data for any employee that had at least one entry charged to the selected Activity code (e.g., KATR, RITA, GUST, HIKE) that falls within the dates specified.  This is helpful if your desire is to pull employees that potentially have hours that must be considered when compiling your reimbursement request and exclude all others.
The All Entries selection under the Detail Options section works in conjunction with the Date parameter values only.  If selected, it outputs all time entries that exist within the specified date range for all employees whether or not they have any Hurricane related costing.  It functions similarly to ZT02 – Time Entry Audit report.
Keep in mind that report entries, once exported to Excel, can be deleted, reduced, etc. and/or rates changed as necessary to build an accurate reimbursement request.  This data is simply intended to be a starting point for your compilation.
For additional information on how to utilize this report, refer to 
ZT23 – Time Entry/Rate Worksheet.

Enhanced ISIS HR Search Functionality                                                          Issued 8/12/08


When searching for help on a particular topic, you can now restrict your search to one or any combination of the options shown below:

  • ISIS HR Help Procedures (scripts) 
  • Report Descriptors 
  • OIS Website 
  • ISIS Memos 
  • HR Bulletin Board 

For additional information refer to ISIS HR Help Search.

New ISIS HR Help Desk Web Ticket                                                                 Issued 7/31/08


The ISIS HR Help Desk recently introduced a new web ticket for agencies to use to send in help requests.  Click on the link below for a link to the web ticket, for quick tips and for hints and solutions to entering your info:



BR9B Rates for FY 2009 – 2010                                                                         Issued 7/25/08


In preparation for agencies to begin running the BR9B (ZP116) for FY 2009-2010 budget requests, updates have been made to the data that is utilized in the projection of vacant positions.  The established rates are:

  • Retirement state share projected at 18.5% (last year was 20.4%)  
  • Health insurance state share projected at $8,539 (equivalent of Employee w/Spouse PPO or EPO (last year the amount was $8,234)  
  • Life insurance state share projected at $300.00 (same as last year)