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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

February 21, 2003

Archived Bulletins

ISIS HR Accomplishments for 2002
IT0416 Overcompensations - SeeSIS Memorandum 03-021 

Benefits Processing in ISIS HR One-time Insurance Premiums
4.6C Upgrade - New Functionality  S021 Maintain Work Directory 
Benefits Module Enhancement  Changes to Reporting in 4.6C
General Benefits Information Infotype (IT0171) 


Benefits Processing in ISIS HR

The ISIS HR system is designed to handle the collection of premiums taken in advance and to refund premiums when appropriate. In order for the system to do this correctly, the Benefits on-line help must be followed. The steps contained in the on-line help ensure that these system processes are not skipped or omitted in payroll processing.

Although the ISIS HR system allows updating benefits infotypes directly, State of Louisiana business requirements mandate that benefits payments and refunds be handled in a specific manner. Therefore, these infotypes should not be directly updated.

The on-line help has been designed to assist you with benefits processes so that State of Louisiana's requirements are met in the areas of collecting and refunding premiums, remitting to Group Benefits, posting to AFS, and reporting. Bypassing steps outlined in the help may appear to save time; however, the problems caused from doing so can result in a significant amount of time being spent trying to correct the employee record.

Each on-line help system task begins with a 'Purpose and Prerequisites. Refer to your on-line help processes when adding or changing benefits information on employee records. If you do not know which benefits system task to use, contact the ISIS HR HELP DESK at (225) 342-2677. 

One-time Insurance Premiums

It has been noted that many agencies are failing to create the necessary one-time deductions for both employee and employer share of insurance premiums when 1) an employee transfers from an ISIS HR NON-Paid agency to an ISIS HR PAID agency or 2) an employee is hired (notrehired) into an ISIS HR Paid agency. Please remember that if an employee was not paid through ISIS HR when the 1st premium deduction should have been taken for an insurance month, a one-time deduction must be created.

Agency users have the necessary security to create all State share (ER) one-times and also any Employee (EE) one-times necessary for all life plans. It is recommended that you attach text when creating these infotype 0015 records to document the reason for the one-time.

All one-times for employee hospitalization plans must be submitted to the ISIS HR Help Desk, along with authorization to create. This authorization must include the following:

Personnel number

Employee name

Wage Type

Amount of the one-time deduction

The date of origin

Text to be attached


An employee is hired on 09/30/2002. The employee enrolled in SEGBP PPO Flex and Basic + Supplemental Life insurance at $35,000. His insurance would be effective 11/01/2002. The premiums for the 1st half of November would have been deducted from the 10/04/2002 check. The employee was not active in ISIS HR at that time. Therefore, one-time deductions for Employee share and Employer share of each plan must be created for the 1st half of November premiums.

User would create One-Time Additional Payments/Deductions as follows:

Wage type Amount Date of origin Text

7004 114.32 10/13/2002 One-time deduct for 1st half of Nov. 2002 premiums.

2114 8.05 10/13/2002 One-time deduct for 1st half of Nov. 2002 premiums.

7114 8.05 10/13/2002 One-time deduct for 1st half of Nov. 2002 premiums.

User would also create and submit an email ticket to the ISIS HR Help Desk authorizing and requesting that the following infotype 0015 records be created:

Wage type Amount Date of origin Text

2004 61.56 10/13/2002 One-time deduct for 1st half of Nov. 2002 premiums.

Changes to Reporting in 4.6C

The new upgraded version of SAP offers a few new icons and additional dropdown lists on the reporting output toolbar. Two existing icons now have dropdowns that offer several options. Four new icons have been added: one of these replaces an existing icon and the other three offer new functionality.

Since all options are not available for every report in ISIS HR the icons on the reporting output toolbar will vary. The following is an example of Report ZT06.

Existing icons with new dropdown lists:

1. The new dropdown associated with the Total icon presents four options: Total, Mean value, Minimum, and Maximum. Utilize these options by selecting a numeric column on your output. Selecting Total will sum all of the values in the column, Mean calculates the average of the values in the column, Minimum finds the lowest value in the column and Maximum finds the greatest value in the selected column. 
2. The new dropdown associated with the Subtotal icon allows for two different selections: Subtotals and Drilldown sum levl. The Subtotal icon can only be utilized after the Total icon has been used to sum a column. Selecting Subtotals on the dropdown will present a screen titled Change layout that includes all the names of the columns included in the output. Here you can check the column(s) on which you wish to base the subtotal calculation. The Drilldown sum levl presents a view of the totals/subtotals only, excluding other results. 
3. The Export dropdown,, is not new but it does list three new options: Crystal report designer, Crystal Reports file export, and HTML download. The first two options are not available for use in our system. The HTML download allows you to directly save an HTML document versus the current practice of selecting Local file and then the HTML format radiobutton. One other notable difference is that selecting spreadsheet no longer offers Excel display as a processing mode. To download the report to an Excel file, select the Table radiobutton. This will present a pop up with Microsoft Excel selected where you can verify that you wish to download your report. After the report has been downloaded, it will be necessary to find the document on your hard drive and reopen it. The downloaded item will not remain available on screen as before.

New processing mode options for spreadsheet:

New icons:

1. Attached to the Print Icon, , is a new View icon,. Four views are available to choose from: Print preview, grid, excel inplace, and Crystal Reports preview. Print preview brings you to the familiar screen that allows you to see what your report will look like when printed. Selecting excel inplace will allow you to see what your report will look like if you download it to an excel document. 

Example of excel inplace:

You are not able to open excel documents, create new ones, or save the one you are viewing from this screen. Do not print your report from this view. All of the worksheets in the workbook will print, not just the current page. Use this option only as a view. The grid option on the dropdown list allows you to revert back to the original report output view when you are using the excel inplace view. The Crystal Reports preview is used along with certain functionality that is not included in this system. This option can be ignored; it does not result in any changes in the view.
2. The Choose Display Variant icon has been replaced by Select Layout, . The dropdown options are the same: Select, Change, Save, and Manage. One minor difference is that the Save layout screen now lists all the names of the existing variants. The current Save display variant simply prompts you to enter the name of the variant that you are creating.

3. The Display graphic icon,, is a brand new icon. It creates a bar graph of the numeric values for each row of output.

4. The End user documentation icon, , opens up the SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid control online help. This help screen provides guidance and information about the functionality available on report output.

General Benefits Information Infotype (IT0171)

We will upgrade to a new version of SAP prior to the end of this year. In preparation for the upgrade, a change must be made to prevent errors in Benefits processing and prevent employees from failing payroll processing. The affected employees are those separating from state service and those transferring from an ISIS HR Paid agency to an ISIS HR Non-Paid agency.

During the Separation (P) and Transfer I Losing P NP actions the user is instructed to change the To date on the General Benefits Information infotype (IT0171) to the employees actual last day of employment. Effective immediately the user must not change the To date on IT0171 during these actions. The To date should remain 12/31/9999. The system processes the Benefits termination dates based upon the date entered in the Terminate on field in the Possible subsequent activities pop-up box.

Additional information regarding the upgrade will be distributed as it becomes available.