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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

February 1, 2002

2001 Forms W-2 Error Spreadsheets 
ZF70 REMINDER  Additional Retirement Plans 

2001 FORMS W-2

2001 W-2 Forms were mailed January 29, 2002. All forms were mailed to the employee using their current address in ISIS HR as of January 17, 2002. Forwarding service was requested when the forms were mailed. If an employee's address has changed and the employee has an active forwarding service, the Form W-2 will be sent to the forwarding address. Any questions regarding the W-2 should be directed to the Agency Employee Administration unit.

OSUP will not accept requests for duplicate Forms W-2 until February 19, 2002. This will allow time for forms with incorrect addresses to be forwarded by the United States Postal Service to the forwarding address and allow time for any forms returned to OSUP to be forwarded to the correct address. For more information see OSUP MEMO # 2002-41


VERY IMPORTANT----EFFECTIVE Period 03/2002, error spreadsheets will no longer be sent to agencies on Tuesday after payroll processing has completed.

Agencies will be notified by e-mail when our payroll cycle is complete and user unlocks are in progress. Once able to access ISIS HR, agencies must generate the following reports to determine which employees were not paid. All employees included on any of these reports require attention. NO CURRENT PERIOD PAYMENT WAS GENERATED. Data must be corrected on ALL employees, then an Off-cycle run to pay them.

Exception: Employees with the error: "Account Assignment not possible" require further investigation. If they do NOT appear on ZY01, they were paid.

Create a reminder to always run the following reports on Tuesday after payroll is processed:

ZY01 (Log date for this version of ZY01 will always be Pay Period END Date - Sunday.) Please note that these employee records are not locked, instead the employee was rejected during our payroll simulation due to the error condition identified. Once the error is corrected, you must create a REGULAR PERIOD ON DEMAND off-cycle for the current period to pay the employee.
ZP131  LOCKED employees - Employee record was locked by ISIS staff due to one of the following type errors:
Transfer error (Run ZP42, indicating SPECIFIC EMPLOYEE NUMBERS to be searched, to identify the particular error that exists.) 
Basic Pay error -high salary concern (Run ZX02 to obtain error text.)
Time error (Run ZT11 to obtain specific time error.) 
If the employee being researched doesn't appear on ZP42, ZX02 or ZT11, expect to be contacted by a member of the Help Desk with advice on how the record must be corrected prior to generation of an off-cycle.

This report lists employees with time error conditions such as
RETIREMENT HOURS > 80 (employee record is locked)
PAID LEAVE HOURS > 80 (employee record is locked)

Note: If record is locked, employee will not process through payroll (regular or off-cycle) until this error condition is corrected.


Note: These employee records are NOT locked. If the employee appears on ZY01 they will NOT be paid until this error condition is corrected. If they do not appear on ZY01, they were paid, however, this error should still be corrected.

IMPORTANT: This report (ZT11) must be run everyday to determine what time errors exist, not just on Tuesday after payroll is processed.

If the record was locked when payroll processed, correct the employee's time record, then contact the Help Desk to request the employee's record be unlocked. Either you or a member of the Help Desk must run ZP109 (single employee time eval) to verify that the error was successfully corrected. You must generate a REGULAR PERIOD ON DEMAND off-cycle to pay the employee. Watch the payroll period value that pops in when generating the off-cycle. If the pay period reflected is not the one you are intending to pay the employee for, check the Payroll History tab to verify the last regular period payment generated for this employee.


Agencies were recently provided with ZF70, a new report that allows you to preview off-cycle payments that will be deleted during that night's processing because they contain errors. Based on the volume of deleted payments, it appears that agencies aren't running this report. After running ZF70 and detecting an error, contact the Help Desk to request that the off-cycle be deleted and then correctly recreate the payment. This extra bit of time could prevent the employee's payment from being delayed an additional day. Refer to SIS Memorandum 02-022 for more information.


On December 24, 2001 we added several additional retirement plans in order to accommodate the various LASERS contribution groups. The new plans added include: 
LCO1 LASERS Corrections Component 1 (9%)
LAST LASERS Treasurer (7.5%)
LASW LASERS Wildlife (8.5%)
LASG LASERS Governor and Lt. Governor (11.5%)
LCO2 LASERS Corrections Component 2 (9%) was also added 1/07/02.
With the exception of LCO2, employees affected were walked into these new plans by ISIS staff, requiring no action to be taken by agency personnel. Affected employees should be notified that the description used to identify their retirement contribution and wage amount will change on their remuneration statement.