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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

January 6, 2005

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ISIS HR has been upgraded to Version 4.7 - click for details 
Bank Details (Infotype 0009) ZP74 - Recurring/Additional Payments/Deds Detail Report
Deletion of ZP103 Workforce Distribution Report ISIS HR Upgrade Announcement 
Employees Locked from Payroll Processing Off-Cycle Payments And Reports
Report Variants Changes in Wage Types for Flexible Spending Accounts
Viewing a List of Future Absences Important HR Information Recently Published Through ISIS Memoranda
Payroll Projection Report (ZP22) Deleting or Inserting Favorites
Matchcode Search

Bank Details (Infotype 0009)                                                                   Issued 10/04/2004
Effective 09/28/04, the bank details infotype (IT0009) has a new error message: Bank Control Key must be Checking(01) or Savings(02). This fatal error message is issued when Payment method is equal to "T" (Employee/Vendor-Bank transfer) and Bank Control Key is either blank or contains a value other than "01" (Checking) or "02" (Savings).
Please note that the entry of only a "1" or "2" in the Bank Control Key field will trigger this error, as the system requires the leading zero.

ZP74 - Recurring/Additional Payments/Deds Detail Report                      Issued 09/17/2004
Looking for an easy way to monitor certain types of payments or deductions for agency employees? ZP74, Recurring/Additional Payments/Deds Detail Report, outputs information related to recurring or one-time payment/deductions stored on infotype 0014, Recurring Deductions, and infotype 0015, Additional Deductions. Information can be obtained regarding: 

special pays (rewards, etc.)

declining balances

split premiums

after levy deductions

savings bond deductions

If Last Period Run, is selected as the date parameter, the report accesses the employees most recent payroll results and outputs additional values to include actual amount taken/earned for that pay period, YTD balance, and declining balance information, if pertinent.

Deletion of ZP103 Workforce Distribution Report                                   Issued 09/17/2004
General Circular No. 001535 issued on July 7, 2003 stated that ISIS HR would convert the Ethnic Origin to the new Ethnicity and Race Category values for active employees. Subsequently ISIS Memorandum # 04-002 stated that the ZP103 Workforce Distribution Report would be removed from the HR system. This report will be deleted on 10/14/2004.
ZP103 was replaced by the ZP203 State Workforce Distribution Report which has been available since 07/28/2003.

ISIS HR Upgrade Announcement                                                          Issue Date 08/19/04

Only I8 more days until ISIS HR production is upgraded. Has your SAP GUI been upgraded yet? Remember, only users that are running GUI version 620, Patch level 36 willbe able to logon to ISIS HR beginning Tuesday, September 7th.

See GUI Version for instructions on how to verify your GUI version and patch level. Please take a minute to see if you are ready for the upgrade.

Employees Locked from Payroll Processing                                           Issue Date 08/06/04

In light of the recent changes to ZP45 and the memo announcing that these errors will now be locked from payroll process, we have revised and are now reissuing the following article: 

I have a locked employee. Why?

What triggers a payroll lock?

Employees can be locked out of the payroll process in ISIS HR for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • a time evaluation error
  • a Basic Pay error that would result in a sizeable overpayment
  • a request from the agency to lock the employees record due to incomplete master data changes

If an employee has been locked due to a master data error, that employee will likely be identified on one of the following critical payroll reports: ZT04, ZT11, ZP42 or ZP45 (Refer to ISIS HR Reports calendar http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/ois/Human_Resources/hr_reports_chart.pdf for more information on payroll reports.) If the employee is not locked, but failed payroll, agencies should run ZY01 Payroll Simulation Error report.

It is critical that agencies review ZP131, Locked Employees Report, every other Tuesday morning, immediately after the biweekly payroll run is complete. This report provides a listing of employees that were excluded from the payroll process. (This report does not tell you why the employee is locked). Please note, that it is also a good idea to run ZP131 prior to the actual biweekly payroll run, which might then offer you an opportunity to resolve the critical error thus allowing the employee to run through payroll.

During the post-payroll review, agencies must identify and correct the error condition which resulted in the payroll lock prior to contacting the ISIS HR Help Desk. Agencies can view the locked employees infotype 0003 Payroll Status and display the text message if available. Whensubmitting a request to the ISIS HR Help Desk to unlock the record(s) -Please refer to the report the employee was locked from Employee # was locked from ZT11. It has been corrected. Please unlock. Refer to on-line report descriptors for tips on error resolution.

And finally, manual locks requested by agency staff are only valid for a single pay period. On Tuesday morning, following payroll, all locks of this type are cleared by our staff. Therefore, a new lock request must be submitted each pay period that the record is to be locked.

Off-Cycle Payments And Reports                                                                                    Issued 07/23/04
Superceded by article dated 4/18/08

Changes in Wage Types for Flexible Spending Accounts Issued 07/02/04

Due to the change in Flexible Benefits plan administrator for Plan Year 2004-2005 (now 1 Point Solutions), it was necessary to establish new wage types in ISIS HR for FSA-related deductions. The following is a list of the new wage types, which are effective 06/21/2004:

2240 *Flex DC FSA Ded 1PS

2241 *Flex DC Ded-AL 1PS

2242 *Flex DC-FlxOffst AL 1PS

2244 *Flex DC-Rfnds/Pymts 1P

2245 *Flex DC AR Deduct 1PS

2246 *Flex DC AR Offset 1PS

2247 *Flex DC AR Balance 1P

2248 *Flex DC AR TotRpd 1PS

2250 *Flex HC FSA Ded 1PS

2251 *Flex HC FSA Ded-AL 1PS

2252 *Flex HC-FlxOffst AL 1P

2254 *Flex HC-Rfnds/Pymts 1P

2255 *Flex HC AR Deduct 1PS

2256 *Flex HC AR Offset 1PS

2257 *Flex HC AR Balance 1PS

2258 *Flex HC AR TotRpd 1PS

3B07 *Flex FSA Fee 1PS

3E07 *Flex FSA Fee AL 1PS

The Benefit plans (DCAR and HCAR) and Plan types (DCAG and HCAG) reflected on Infotype 0170 did not change. 

 Viewing a List of Future Absences                                                          Issued 07/02/2004

The ZT06 (Absence Quota Report) now reports an hours amount for Future Leave Taken (Future Lv). For a detailed list of these future leave entries, including the pay period and year of deduction, a break down of the actual dates of deduction and hours amount for each deduction; agencies may run ZP136. 

For example, if you wanted to view a list of all future annual leave deductions for the remaining pay periods within this calendar year for all employees within your agency:

-- Select the Other period radio button select p/p 15/2004 26/2004

-- Enter agency number

-- Enter absence type LA

You may narrow this search for a specific employee or a specific time keeper number.

Important HR Information RecentlyPublished Through ISIS MemorandaIssued: 6/23/04

Payroll Projection Report (ZP22)                                                           Issued: 06/18/2004

The Payroll Projection Report (ZP22) has been modified to add the following additional data fields as hidden output: Wage type, wage type amount, cap util level & work hours per period from the employee's basic pay infotype; Monthly Employer share for Health Insurance and Monthly Employer share for Life Insurance. 

Since Health and Life are semi-monthly deductions and this program is projecting based upon remaining biweekly pay periods, this program does NOT project remaining Employer Health or Employee Life. Instead it simply provides these as monthly amounts which the agency can then use for their own projection purposes.

Deleting or Inserting Favorites                                                              Issued: 06/04/2004

Occasionally you may want to clean up your favorites list if its getting too cluttered. This will be especially true when agency-specific variants have been done away with for Org. Management users. These users will want to delete old transactions (or ones they dont use anymore) from their menus.

To delete a transaction from your favorites, right-click on the transaction in your list and then click on Delete Favorite.

You should receive the message node deleted from favorites list.

If you want to insert transactions into your favorites, right-click on your favorites folder and choose Insert transaction. When the manual entry of a transaction pop-up box is displayed, type in the transaction code and click Continue (green check mark).

You can also find the transaction in the menu tree, right-click on the transaction and choose Add
to favorites.

Matchcode Search                                                                                 Issued 05/07/2004

Are you using the matchcode search to retrieve a list of employees for your time adminstrator group?

When using a matchcode search, the keep feature, symbolized by a tack  , is used to tack the list of returned values to your display screen. However, there may be a better alternative. Object Manager is a feature that, once set up, will automatically retrieve and display previous search results each time you go to that screen.

For example: If you go to PA61 and follow the attached instructions to set up an employee listing for your time administrator number, each time you go to PA61, your list of employees will be displayed for you to select from. This will save you the time and effort.

To set Object Manager up on your screen, follow these procedures.