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ISIS Human Resources Archived Articles

January 4, 2002

New Recurring Deductions New Off-cycle Error Report (ZF70)
EIC Status Problems For Period 26 ISIS HR Changes Effective Period 01/2002
Human Resource System Electronic Notification


When adding a new recurring deduction for an employee, always do this by means of the CREATE function, never utilize COPY. If copy mode is utilized, the payment model associated with the "copied" wage type will then be associated with the new wage type record. The system will not repopulate this field, as appropriate for the new wage type, when copying, which is why some agencies saw deductions withheld in Period 24, that should not have been taken in the "free" period.


It has been detected that some employees who should have had an active EIC status for Period 26, did not. For employees affected, the 210 (tax withholding) infotype that contained the EIC status, was delimited 12/23/01. When payroll ran and the system referenced the tax status in effect on the check date, 12/28/01, the EIC status was not active, therefore only the normal Federal tax deduction was calculated.

Tax refunds due to these employees were paid as an off-cycle payment. A list of affected employees was forwarded to their respective agencies.


Infotype 210 (Withholding Information --Fed/State)

When updating an employee's tax withholding statuses, the system will effect these changes using the pay period END DATE, rather than the pay period BEGIN DATE. In addition, the TO date of the employee's active 210 infotype must be 12/31/9999, unless you are changing the employee's status to EXEMPT. (See the updated Maintain Withholding Information script for further details.)

Please note that this infotype change will prevent retroactive tax corrections beginning with Period 01/2002. The 210 infotypes in place prior to this date can still trigger unexpected tax refunds or withholding if the employee is retro'd back to any period between 7/2001 and 26/2001 and they have multiple 210 (Federal or State withholding) infotype records.

Additionally, a user can no longer change a 210 infotype for a period that has already been accounted for (payroll run), nor can they delete a 210 infotype record.

Updated scripts will be available December 26, 2001.

LL K-Time ST Leave
LLLB K-Time ST in Lieu of Sick
LK K-Time OT 1.5x Leave
LKLB K-Time OT in Lieu of Sick

Effective 12/24/01, the above list of absence types will no longer be valid for entry on either the Positive or Negative time entry screen for employees who accrue leave based on hours worked (e.g., Civil Service and executive order employees), excluding State Troopers. Absence type: LA or LALB should be coded instead. As a reminder, the quota reduction for both LA and LALB is 1.5K then ST K then Annual.

Corrections from 03/19/01 through 12/23/01 will continue to be permitted. In order to prevent negative quotas, you should, however, carefully review remaining quota balances before entering a prior period correction that includes these absence types.

Please be sure that agency time administrators are notified of this change.


Beginning Friday, 12/21, agencies must run ZF70 (Off-cycle Error Report) after generating off-cycle payments to determine INVALID PAYMENTS that will be deleted during our nightly processing. If an invalid payment is found, an e-mail should be sent requesting to DELETE OFF-CYCLE PAYMENT FOR EMP # ________ (Subject in all caps). This e-mail should be sent to the ISIS HR HELP DESK at OSIS/HRHELPDESK@DOA.STATE.LA.US. Be sure to include the requestor's name and phone number in case there are any questions.

Once the payment has been deleted, you will be contacted afterwhich you can create a valid off-cycle payment.

Beginning Monday, January 7, 2002 the ISIS HR HELP DESK will NO LONGER CONTACT agencies to inform them that an off-cycle payment was UNSUCCESSFUL. Agencies can verify the success of an off-cycle payment by returning to the Off-cycle workbench/PAYROLL HISTORY tab the following day to assure that a payment number has been assigned to the payment OR users can run ZP64 (Employee Wage Type Results Report), click the Include Off-Cycle Runs box, enter the PMNT DATE assigned to that payment (check date), the Personnel Area and Employee Number and execute. If results are obtained, the payment was processed.

Please make sure that this information is distributed to all staff members who process off-cycle payments. Questions, if any, should be addressed to the ISIS HR Help Desk.


OSIS has developed a Human Resource Electronic Notification service that will enhance distribution of ISIS HR information within each agency. ISIS HR users can easily subscribe to receive notification of ISIS HR related information. The new Human Resource System Electronic Notification web page with instructions to subscribe or cancel subscriptions to these lists may be accessed at http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/ois/Human_Resources/hrelectronic_notification.htm.