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ISIS AGPS/CFMS/LAPAC/eCat Bulletin Board

December4, 2006

AGPS Rollover Wrap Up

The rollover of AGPS orders and CFMS contracts from FY06 to FY07 took place on August 5, 2006. Agencies can view a list of orders that did not roll because of problems with the coding for FY07 on the BK28D Failed AGPS Encumbrances report, available in BUNDL. Once the OAMR screen for these orders are corrected and rolled successfully, the orders will appear on the BK28Z AGPS Document Rollover Report for OAMRs Processed, also available in BUNDL. Orders that fail due to budget or invalid dates for the new fiscal year will be listed on the BK28E AGPS Rollover Failed Document Report. AGPS will continue to run the rollover process for orders with outstanding OAMR records each night until September 30, 2006, after which all FY06 orders that have not rolled over successfully to FY07 will be closed.

In CFMS, contracts that did not roll due to invalid accounting for FY07 will be listed on the BK47A New Year Error Report, which can be viewed in BUNDL. Contracts listed on this report were not rolled due to invalid coding. Agencies must manually enter their FY07 account distributions and encumber the contract for FY07 if needed.

Fiscal Year 07 Budgets

Fiscal Year 07 budgets are now in ISIS. FY 07 transactions as well as EB/RB transactions for
both fiscal years ended 6/30/06, and 6/30/07 can now be processed. AGPS users can now
process FY 07 encumbrances.