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ISIS AGPS/CFMS/LAPAC/eCat Bulletin Board

July 23, 2007



AGPS/CFMS Batch Encumbrance

When the FY08 budgets are loaded into AFS in July, a batch encumbrance of orders and contracts will be executed. Documents that encumber successfully can continue to be processed through the normal status codes until completion.

From 7/1/07 until the budgets are loaded, if you try to encumber an order or contract, you will receive an error that the budget has not been loaded. For orders, you may skip the encumber status and print the order. The order willbatch encumber after the budgets are loaded.


AGPS/CFMS Pre-Rollover Reports

The following pre-rollover reports will be available through BUNDL on a weekly basis beginning
June 4, 2007. These reports run on Monday night and go into BUNDL on Tuesday.

  • BK28A - Rollover Reconciliation Report
  • BK29A - Rollover Candidate Report
  • BK33A -Rollover DiscrepancyReport
  • BK34A - Rollover Accounting Validation Report


AGPS/CFMS End of the Fiscal Year Reports

Since we are getting close to the end of FY07, a few reports that should help you prepare for 6/30/07 are listed below. These reports run on Thursday night and go into BUNDL on Friday.

  • BO20A - AgedInvoice Report
  • BO21A - Aged Payment Report
  • BO25A - Aged Receipt Report by Order Number


Modified BB7A and BB7B Bundl Reports

The BB7A and BB7B Bundl reports has been modified to display code(s)in an effort to more clearly reflect which users are active in AGPS (BB7A) and which users are disabled in AGPS (BB7B).A legend explaining the codes is displayed on the reports.

The criteria for the BB7A list of active userids:

  • USID exists with an enabled flag = Y
  • UAPL exists with IPPA
  • STAB exists with valid profile (*NUL is not valid)- Although it may be an invalid profile, it does exist,and will appear if on the report if all other criteria is met. It's an active ID.
  • Code 2 displays - Invalid Security Profile
  • The 3 characters following the first character of the ID (Z107Z23) does not match the executive agency of the BAAT record - Code 1 displays - Userid Agency Not = Exec Agency
  • BAAT exists - The reports are built from the existence of a BAAT table record.If it's not onBAAT,it will notdisplay on either report.

The criteria for the BB7B list of disabled userids:

  • USID doesnt exist userid - Code 4 displays - Userid Not On USID
  • USID exists, but enable flag = "N" - Code 1 displays - Userid Not Enabled
  • UAPLfor IPPA doesnt exist for userid - Code 2 displays - Userid Not On UAPL
  • STAB doesnt exist for userid - Code 3 displays - Userid Not On STAB