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ISIS AGPS/CFMS/LAPAC/eCat Bulletin Board

May 13, 2009




AGPS/CFMS Rollover Refresher
AGPS/CFMS rollover programs will run August 9, 2008 to close FY08.  To identify whether your agency has orders or contracts that will roll into FY09, OIS provides three reports in BUNDL, the BK28A Reconciliation Report, BK29A Rollover Candidate Report, and the BK33A Rollover Discrepancy Report.  After viewing these reports you will know which orders or contracts to liquidate or change the roll flag on.  All OCHGs or KAMDs to a record should be processed to a final status or canceled before the close of the fiscal year to prevent processing problems in FY09.

AGPS/CFMS Pre-Rollover Reports  
The following pre-rollover reports will be available through BUNDL on a weekly basis beginning
June 3, 2008.  These reports run on Monday night and go into BUNDL on Tuesday. 


BK28A - Rollover Reconciliation Report
BK29A - Rollover Candidate Report
BK33A - Rollover Discrepancy Report
BK34A - Rollover Accounting Validation Report

AGPS/CFMS Batch Encumbrance
When the FY09 budgets are loaded in AFS in July, a batch encumbrance of orders and contracts will be executed.  Documents that encumber successfully can continue to be processed through the normal status codes until completion.


From 7/1/08 until the budgets are loaded, if you try to encumber an order or contract, you will receive an error that the budget has not been loaded.  For orders, you should skip the encumber status and print the order.  The order would then be batch encumbered.

Effective Monday, March 3, 2008, the system downtime for AFS, AGPS & CFMS systems will be extended from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The system downtime for the AFS Monthly Close (3rd working day of each month) will remain at 5:00 p.m.