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LaGov Memorandums
Memorandums are issued statewide regarding applications, procedures, or information relevant to the LaGov ERP system. These memorandums are numbered consecutively within the fiscal year of issue and prefixed with the word LaGov (e.g. LaGov11-001).
LaGov memos are published in Adobe (pdf) format.  Adobe Reader must be installed on your PC to view or print the material. The Adobe Reader can be obtained free.


Fiscal Year 14
LaGov14-011 - 06/10/14 LaGov Unavailability
LaGov14-010 - 06/09/14 LaGov Travel FY2014 Year End Processes
LaGov14-009 - 03/20/14 LaGov Travel Update  
LaGov14-008 - 03/17/14 Launch LaGov Implementation 
LaGov14-007 - 02/18/14 LaGov System Unavailability
LaGov14-006 - 01/15/14 Retroactive Processing
LaGov14-005 - 01/14/14 Upcoming Changes to LaGov Travel
LaGov14-004 - 01/09/14 LaGov Learning Solution Unavalability
LaGov14-003 - 01/08/14 OrgPublisher Version 11
LaGov14-002 - 01/07/14 Changes to How Users Access LaGov ECC 
LaGov14-001 - 12/10/13 LaGov System Unavailability