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Business Objects


  Welcome to SAP Business Objects

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SAP Business Objects is the standard reporting tool
offered by the Office of Information Services (OIS)
for adhoc reporting of ISIS and NON-ISIS data.
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Effective June 1st, Business Objects is compatible with Java 7 versions.
The Division of Administration's OIS has applied software patches
to Business Objects allowing users to upgrade Java above version 7.45.
Before these patches, higher Java versions caused errors editing reports.
Contact your agency IT staff for any questions or help with Java.
LaGov ERP Portal required for sign in to Business Objects.
The Division of Administration's OIS has converted all agencies to the
new Business Objects login through the LaGov ERP portal where
users can change / unlock their own passwords 24/7. 
The Business Objects Team will continue to answer your questions
through the Help Desk at (225) 342-2677 Options 2 then 3
or by clicking here to enter a WebTickets for ISIS > Business Objects.
Please follow these new sign in instructions and links provided.
using your LEO User ID (P or H + eight digits) and LEO Password
Click here for instructions for new BO Login 

SAP/ BO Documents

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User's Guide Getting Started in BOXI Obtaining a Business Objects ID
Building Reports in Webi  Refreshing Reports  Business Objects Help Desk
Webi Function and Formulas Report Options  FAQ by Topic
Report Analysis Guide Adjusting User Preferences  Data Marts
  Sending Report to Others  Log in Problems 
  Folding Reports  
  Viewing Reports  Download Java 
  Filtering Reports   
  Scheduling Reports   
Remember!  Online Help is just a click away once you've logged into BOXI.  Use the Help icon in the upper right of the InfoView screen.  Questions?  Call the Business Objects Help Desk at 225-342-2677 and select the Business Objects option.