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Staffing/Compensation Unit
The Staffing/Compensation Unit is responsible for:
  • Advising agency personnel and clients on Recruitment and Staffing matters.
  • Advising section heads, appointing authorities and managers on various appointment types and selection procedures in order to create and maintain a diverse workforce.
  • Serving as a resource for layoff related matters.  Responsible for handling administrative aspects of the layoff process to maintain compliance with Chapter 17 of the Civil Service rules.
  • Serving as the Division of Administration’s system administrator for the NeoGov Online Hiring Center.
  • Developing DOA workforce plan, collaborating with DOA sections to create workforce plans tailored to address specific needs/issues.
  • Developing DOA succession planning procedures.
  •  Managing compensation issues by review of pay schedules and ranges, and comparisons to other jobs and positions.
  • Reviewing job specifications and position descriptions and making recommendations for classification and compensation issues.
  • Managing the allocation of positions to the appropriate job title by virtue of authority delegated from the Department of State Civil Service.
  • Developing and managing Division of Administration compensation policies.
  • Advising managers and employees regarding the state civil service system’s classification and compensation, policies, rules and structure.
  • Preparing job studies for submission to the Department of State Civil Service.
  • Working with agency administrators to organize and reorganize organizational units.
  • Developing, recommending, implementing, reviewing, interpreting, and revising DOA personnel policies.
  • Reviewing special pay requests for individuals under Civil Service Rules to include: Optional Pay Adjustments, Rewards and Recognition, and other available pay rules.
  • Managing requests for unclassified authority.
  • Maintaining updates on federal and state labor law postings.  Assisting DOA sections in maintaining compliance with related policies.
  • Coordinating the Office of Human Resources Strategic Plan.
  • Serving as the OHR Webmaster.
  • Maintaining the DOA Employee Handbook.