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Operations/Benefits Unit
The Operations/Benefits Unit is responsible for:

  • Processing all personnel/payroll actions and various other documents relating to employee status to ensure Data Integrity and Quality Assurance are maintained in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulations, departmental/agency policies and procedures, and federal and state laws. 
  • Creating unclassified positions and restricted appointments. 
  • Conducting Time and Attendance audits for all DOA agencies and auxiliaries for compliance with policies and procedures established by DOA and/or the Office of State Uniform Payroll. 
  • Maintaining and/or monitoring Organizational Management, costing issues, and T.O. in LaGov HCM. 
  • Assuring appropriate documentation is maintained for all employees in compliance with Record and Retention policies.
  • Implementing Onboarding program which aids new employees in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members.
  • Assisting all active and retired employees for the Division of Administration, Office of the Governor, and other client agencies on all matters relating to retirement benefits.
  • Advising managers, section heads, and employees on all available health and life insurance policies and all other programs administered through the Office of Group Benefits.
  • Developing course materials and providing orientation to all new employees for the Division of Administration, Office of the Governor, and Auxiliary agencies.
  • Pre-employment drug testing and criminal history checks for the DOA and other clients served.
  • Advising employees and coordinating with LA Workforce Commission concerning issue relating to Workers' Compensation.