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Desktop Hardware

The Office of Information Technology has established statewide standard guidelines for the budgeting of personal computers. Configurations for DOA desktops are required to follow those guidelines, unless a specific business case justification has been approved.

Component Type
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD X2
(1.8GHz, 2MB Cache, 1066 MHz FSB)
Memory (RAM) 2GB
Hard Disk 80GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II
Backup L: Drive Storage, CD or DVD
Access to network printer DELL, HP or Xerox Laser Printers

Hardware Purchases

Acquisition of hardware within the DOA is governed by DOA Policy #19 "Acquisitions".


The OCS Hardware group is responsible for moving hardware within your office, attaching new hardware to the network, and new components to existing equipment, replacing faulty equipment, and supplying toner. Section personnel should not attempt to install, move, or service any DOA LAN equipment. If equipment is malfunctioning, needs to be moved to another location, or if a printer needs toner, call the Help Desk (342-4730) for assistance. Under no circumstances should you attempt to open and/or alter the internal components of your LAN hardware, except to clear paper jams in printers. For further assistance or questions with these matters, contact your Section Coordinator.

Moves/Ownership Changes

If ownership/usage of a PC is going to change from one employee to another, contact your Section Coordinator to coordinate the process. The Section Coordinator will contact the OCS Help Desk to begin the process. Hardware upgrades often include the installation of new PCs for some employees, the bumping of replaced PCs to other employees, and the surplusing of older PCs (if appropriate). Consequently, the Section Coordinator will maintain an accurate list of existing equipment tag numbers and owners, as well as an indication of what changes will occur as a result of the hardware upgrades.

Hardware upgrades require that the Section Coordinator complete a PC Setup From for each employee affected by the upgrade. PC/LAN Services uses the form when configuring the PC for a particular owner. This form can be found in Word, by clicking on File, New, Forms-Agency Specific, then locate PC Setup Form.

The OCS hardware group will perform the move, if necessary.

See How to Prepare for a PC Upgrade for more information.

Equipment and Supplies

In general, OCS is responsible for the initial acquisition of hardware for appropriated sections, while ancillary sections are responsible for the purchase of their own equipment and supplies. However, the following table provides more detail.


Appropriated Sections

Ancillary Sections

Initial Purchase by Replenish/
Update by
Initial Purchase by Replenish/
Update by
Backup Media Section Section Section Section
Desktop (CPU/Monitor) OCS OCS Section Section
Diskettes / CD's / DVD's Section Section Section Section
Laptops Section OCS Section Section
Mouse Pad OCS Section Section Section
Printer OCS OCS Section Section
Printer Toner OCS OCS Section OCS
Speakers / Headphones Section Section Section Section
Special Hardware (color printer, scanner, etc.) Section OCS Section Section
Surge Protector OCS OCS Section Section
UPS OCS OCS Section Section
USB / Thumb Drives / External Hard Drives Section Section Section Section