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HOD Instructions

Loading Host on Demand:

1. If you are installing Host on Demand from a network-attached DOA PC, begin the installation by logging onto your PC and locating the icon on your desktop titled HOD DOA Mainframe. Double-click this file to open the browser to begin.

If you are installing Host on Demand from any other PC (Home PC, Laptop, etc), go to http://HOD.DOA.Louisiana.Gov to begin your installation.

2. If this is the first time that you have accessed the DOA Mainframe using Host On Demand, you will need to complete the installation as follows. If you have already completed the installation, the DOA Mainframe sign-on screen will appear.

3. When Host on Demand is loaded for the first time, one of the following security warnings will be displayed depending on the level of Java installed on your PC:

If this window is displayed, check the always trust box and press YES.


If one of the following two security windows is displayed, press the ALWAYS button.



An install window will appear the first time HOD is accessed:


Press OK.

A Progress Indicator will appear while the applet loads:


After the applet is loaded, one of the following screens will appear for a few seconds:



NOTE: You may be prompted to close your Browser session and start it again. If so, click on OK and then close all browser windows and restart the process.

The Sessions screen will eventually appear showing all possible sessions:


Leave this screen up in the background. Closing it will cause all sessions to end.

Please wait, the DOA screen will start automatically.


When it appears, resize or maximize the terminal window as desired.

If a DSS session is needed, return to the Sessions window and double-click on the DSS-MVS icon.


If you should encounter any problems with the installation or accessing the DOA Mainframe, please call the OCS Help Desk at 342-4730. You will be directed to the Software Support personnel that handles Host On Demand Issues.