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ISIS Remote Print Form Instructions

The OSIS-P06 (Remote Printer Assignment for Forms Printing) form should be completed in cooperation with your agency data processing personnel. It is required in order to enter the data necessary to initiate remote printing of forms from within the online ISIS Purchasing System (AGPS). This form will be used to record the proper printer routing code (destination ID) on the appropriate AGPS agency records.

  1. Indicate AGPS agency number and name. Printers may be defined for purchasing agencies requiring remote printing of requisitions, solicitations, or orders that they process, or for requisitioning units needing to print requisitions before they are transmitted to the purchasing agency.

  2. Indicate new printer or change to printer assignment.

    New Printer Setup:

    1. Place a check by "New Printer" and specify the printer brand and model number. Since this form sets up printers for remote forms print, the printer should be an HP (or emulate HP) laser printer, capable of PCL Level 5. 
    2. Record the Mainframe/Network Printer I.D. from the OSIS-02 Remote Printer Configuration form. 

    Change of Agency Printer Assignment:

    1. Place a check by "Change of Agency Printer Assignment" if the agency(s) for which this printer is being used is (are) changed. 
    2. Record a change date. 
    3. Record the destination ID (printer route code on AGPS agency (AGCY) record) that had been assigned by the DOA/OCS Data Center to that printer.
  3. Record contact information:

    1. Record agency contact person. 
    2. Record agency telephone numbers (LINC and outside phone numbers). 
  4. Specify multiple agencies using this printer if appropriate.

    Record all of the AGPS agencies that will use this printer, both for new printers and the total assignment resulting from a change.

The OSIS-P06 Remote Printer Assignment for Forms Printing form should be submitted to OIS/SIS at the following address:

Office of Information Systems / Statewide Information Systems
P. O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095