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OCS Remote Print Form Instructions

The Remote Printer Configuration form should be completed by agency data processing personnel. Indicate whether this is a new printer setup, a change in configuration, or a deletion.

Requested Definitions: 
Network or TCP/IP Address:  Network address is the SNA address assigned by your host mainframe (the computer center that you are directly connected to). If you are using the INTERNET to receive your print, then enter your LPD/print server's TCP/IP address,
Print ISIS Report:  Required for ISIS Purchasing System (AGPS remote forms printing. Printer must be HP (or emulate HP) and capable of PCL Level 5 or higher. 
Print Banner Page:  The remote printing software is capable of printing separator pages (banner pages) to separate different print jobs. Indicate whether this is desired at your site. 
Protocol Converter:  Indicate what print emulator software is running on the workstation where this printer is attached. 
TCP/IP Software:  Indicate what TCP/IP software is running on the workstation where this printer is attached. If you are using an HPJET DIRECT card your TCP/IP software is HPJET DIRECT. 
The Remote Printer Configuration form should be submitted to the Division of Administration, Office of Computing Services (DOA/OCS) at the following address, or it may be faxed to 225-219-6037 or 225-342-5137:
Office of Information Services/Data Center 
Attn: NSC 
P. O. Box 44335 
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095