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Statewide Email Policies and Standards

Storage and Transaction Limitations 

  • The default amount of storage on the mail server is 100 MB per user. Remember, storage includes Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Larger storage limits can be implemented but may increase agency costs.
  • Warning notifications are sent when you are within 5 MB of your limit.
  • Sending email is prohibited when a mailbox exceeds the storage limit.
  • Maximum send size is 15 MB per message.
  • Maximum receive size is 15 MB per message.

These limits are adjustable per agency request.


Age Limits

The following age limits are set on messages stored on the statewide email system:

  • Inbox - No age limit. Removed only by mailbox owner.
  • Sent Items- No age limit. Removed only by mailbox owner.
  • Deleted Items - 7 Days
  • Deleted item retention is 7 days. (Mail deleted from Deleted Folder is held for 7 days.)



To eliminate dual logons, a domain trust relationship can be configured and maintained. The trust will also allow agencies to enforce their own password policies and administration. Agencies that choose the no trust option are subject to the Statewide Email password policy, as follows:

  • Maximum age: 30 days
  • History: 5
  • Complexity: 3 out of 4 of the following characters: Uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols


Account Creation Standards

  • Names in the Address List will be displayed as "Firstname Lastname". Duplicate names will be distinguished by the use of an agency identifier. Example: "Firstname Lastname (DPS)
  • The Company field is used for state agency name and must be completed for each user profile. The Department field is optional if an agency wants to distinguish different sections for billing purposes.
  • 10 digits must be used in the phone number. (Example: 225-555-5555)
  • Agencies will be allowed to keep their existing email address if the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is registered with LaNet. In addition, all accounts will have a standard email address format which will be Firstname.Lastname@la.gov. The agency can designate which format to use as the default.