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Statewide Email Services

Statewide Email improves communication between Louisiana executive branch departments by allowing agencies to share address lists and schedule meetings by viewing associated free/busy information. Statewide Email has consolidated the email systems of each department to a centralized email system, thereby shifting the responsibility of managing email systems from state agencies to a team which specializes in messaging systems and is dedicated to ensuring uptime, optimal performance, security and quality service.

  • Platform:  Statewide Email is hosted on Exchange 2007 and can be accessed using Outlook rich MAPI client, Outlook web access, Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) or supported wireless devices using Blackberry Enterprise Server or ActiveSync.
  • Global Address List:   A single, global email directory for state employees and resources. Agency level address lists are also defined to narrow searches.
  • Calendaring and scheduling within and among multiple agencies:  Ability to view free/busy schedules of people and resources across agencies saves time.
  • High Availability:  Statewide Email has successfully achieved a service level objective of 99.9% uptime for the last 4 years. Active/passive clustered servers ensure quick failover in the event of a server failure and offsite standby email servers are configured to take control in the event of a site failure. 24 X 7 X 365 support is provided for statewide email customers, which includes the Governor's Office, Division of Administration, Revenue, DEQ, DHH, DOTD, Education and Natural Resources.
  • Centralized Archiving:  Automatic email archiving helps agencies to meet records retention requirements is accessible via Outlook web access and relieves agencies of personal archive management.
  • Disaster Recovery:  Backups and real-time data replication are routed to an off-site data center where standby servers and storage are ready to be activated. 
  • Anti-Virus Protection:   Multiple anti-virus products inspect all email coming from the Internet as well as internal email.  AV filters are continually updated with the latest virus definition files.  Known vulnerable file types, such as exe, cmd, bat, dll, com, etc., are blocked at the gateway.
  • Anti-SPAM Service:   All inbound Internet email is scanned for SPAM and phishing attempts. Currently, over 90% of Internet email is detected and dropped as SPAM.
  • Web Access:  Email can be viewed securely from any web browser with Internet access (webmail.la.gov).
  • Wireless Access:  The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) offers Blackberry access that tightly integrates with the statewide messaging system. Blackberry services are offered by OTM Wireless Services (www.doa.louisiana.gov/otm/catalog/wirelessmessaging). In addition, access is allowed from any ActiveSync enabled device, such as iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Online Leave Processing:  ISIS Payroll / Personnel workflow is available in the form of online leave and attendance processing to Statewide Email customers.
  • Standardized Email Address (@la.gov):  Users are allowed to keep their existing email address if the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is registered with LaNet. Additionally, the standard email address using the "Firstname.Lastname@la.gov" format is activated.
  • Listserv:  Listserv is a mailing list management system that allows departments to create, subscribe, manage and control an electronic mailing list. Mailing lists can function as announce only, moderated, or as a simple discussion list. Each member that is subscribed to a particular mailing list receives a copy of every message sent to that list via email.


Other Services Included:


  • Level 2 and 3 support 24 x 7. (OCS Help Desk is 225-342-4730)
  • Migration of existing email data to the Statewide Email system.
  • Nightly backup with off-site storage.
  • Email data real-time replication and failover site capability for disaster recovery.
  • Email system patch management / upgrade planning and integration.
  • Active Directory trusts for single sign-on authentication, if applicable.
  • Transitional support of legacy email addresses.
  • SMTP relaying of agency designated web and system applications.