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Statewide Email Security

Virus and SPAM Control

  • The agency will be responsible for its own desktop anti-virus support which will include providing up-to-date virus definition files.
  • Statewide Email will maintain current virus and SPAM definition files and filtering rules on the messaging servers to provide protection against external as well as internal attacks.


Attachment Filters
The Internet Mail Gateway is currently configured to block incoming attachments with the following file extensions:










































OCS reserves the right to apply filters on certain types of files if the file type in question poses a risk to resources on the network.

Access to each mailbox requires a valid user ID and password. In many cases a domain trust can be configured between Statewide Email's domain and the agency's domain. This will allow single signon and agency managed password policies.


3rd Party Messaging Applications
Email applications such as AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft HotMail and any other free web-based or instant messaging email products are a security risk to an agency's network and to the statewide messaging network. Much time and expense has been invested in ensuring that messages are free from virus attacks. Messages from products such as Instant Messenger and Hotmail are not scanned for viruses or malicious programs, therefore these programs provide a backdoor for intrusions and infections. As such, these products put the entire statewide messaging system at risk by exposing the network to potential malicious code. In addition to these risks, the installation of these applications often causes other desktop applications to malfunction. For these reasons it is strongly suggested that agencies create policies that discourage the use of 3rd party messaging applications.