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Statewide Email Maintenance

Email as an enterprise application must be reliable and dependable. The State of Louisiana utilizes email for mission critical services and communications. As Statewide Email touches all state employees, it will be provided in a utility like manner.

Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance shall mean any maintenance on the messaging network to which Customers network is connected 1) of which Customer is notified 48 hours in advance, or 2) that is performed during a standard maintenance window on Sundays from 6 PM to 12 AM. Notice of Scheduled Maintenance will be provided to Customers by email message.

A full backup is run every night on the messaging server database. Tapes are stored offsite for 30 days. Backups are not intended to be used to restore messages that were accidentally deleted. These backups are used to restore corrupted databases, recreate the email environment in the case of a disaster, and retain an archived (30 days) copy in the event this information is requested by the proper authorities.

Restores will require 1) a written request by agency upper management, and 2) approval by OCS Director. Special charges may apply for user-requested restores.

Only files stored on the statewide messaging server will be backed up. Personal (.PST) and offline (.OST) folders on the departmental computers will not be backed up.

Agency Ownership of Email
OCS maintains the server hardware/software to support statewide email. The customer, however, is the owner of the data. Records that must be maintained for historical or legal compliance purposes should be archived by the customer as appropriate.

OCS will refer all third party requests for email to the customer department for action. If the department requires OCS assistance in responding, special charges may apply.