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Statewide Email Migration Issues


1. In-house desktop support and training
The agency's desktop support team will be responsible for 1) configuring desktop clients for email access, 2) providing 1st level support for problems related to email, and 3) maintaining anti-virus software on desktops accessing the statewide email system. Outlook training can be provided by Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) at no charge. Statewide Email does not provide end user support. The agency is responsible for client issues.


2. Sufficient bandwidth

Providing sufficient bandwidth to support the transfer of email data to and from the agency's clients will be the responsibility of the agency.


3. Anti-Virus protection

Agency will ensure that each workstation accessing the statewide email system will have anti-virus protection by the installation of AV software with updated virus definition files. Recommended anti-virus products are those that will allow automatic virus definition file updates by logon scripting or live updates. In the event a desktop client is discovered to have insufficient AV protection, the associated email account will be disabled.


4. Email Administration

Agency will maintain (Create / Modify mailboxes / Modify group memberships) user accounts on the messaging system via web interface. The email administration console is accessed using terminal services to connect to a Statewide Email server with Exchange and Active Directory management applications.


An agency's employees notify their departmental desktop support team of any problems/ questions or adds/changes. If desktop support team is unable to answer the question or resolve the problem, a person or section designated as the point of contact (POC) is to call the OCS Help Desk (225-342-4730). In the event the messaging services unexpectedly becomes unavailable (e.g., virus, hardware, network problems), support personnel will respond on an on-call basis to restore email services.


Migration of Email Data
Every effort will be made to migrate email, calendars and contacts from an existing email system to Statewide Email.

Legacy Email Addresses
Agencies will be allowed to keep their existing email address if the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is registered with LaNet. For instance, an agency may want to retain both "@agency.la.gov" and "@agency.state.la.us". In addition, all accounts will have a standard email address format which will be "Firstname.Lastname@la.gov". The agency can designate which format to use as the default when sending email.

Resource Naming Conventions

Resource Type



Distribution Lists

_AgencyAbbrev-List Name

_DOA-IT Team

Shared Resources

`AgencyAbbrev-Resource Name

`GOV-Conference Room 123

Shared Calendars

~AgencyAbbrev-Calendar Name

~EDU-Upcoming Events



Address Lists
Agency clients will have access to a global address list containing all mailboxes on Statewide Email. Agency address lists can also be created to give customers the option of defaulting to an agency address view or a global view.

Customized or automated rules and shortcuts on the client may have to be recreated after email migration.