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Pricing, Services and Policies for Statewide Email


Monthly Rate

The monthly rate for FY07 is $6.00 per mailbox, which includes 50 megabytes of storage and core services. For mailboxes that exceed 50 megabytes, the excess storage is pooled per agency and charged at a rate of $30 per 1 gigabyte allocations. For an agency which has excess storage of 1 gigabyte or less, the rate is $30; between 1 and 2 gigabytes - $60; between 2 and 3 gigabytes - $90, and so on.

Special Charges
Requests for additional services outside the scope of core services may be billed at a standard rate of $50 an hour.



Core Services

Outlook Rich Client Access (via LAN or Internet*)

Outlook Web Access

Windows Mobile Wireless Device Access via ActiveSync

Virus Protection (Trend Micro and Sophos)

SPAM and Content Filtering (Ironport, BrightMail and Microsofts IMF)

Personal Contacts

Personal Calendar

Global Address List

Task Management

Free/Busy Scheduling

Public Folders


Integration with SAP Workflow


Additional Email Storage

RIM Blackberry Integration - Blackberry support is provided by the Office of Telecommunications Mgt. (225-342-7716)

* Must have Windows XP and Outlook 2003 to use Outlook client access over the Internet.

Other Services Included

Level 2 and 3 support 24x7. (OCS Help Desk 225-342-4730)

Migration of existing data to the new system (if desired)

All end-user data backed up nightly with off-site storage of backup media

Failover site capability for email recovery

Email system patch management / upgrade planning and integration

Active Directory trusts for single sign-on authentication (if desired)

Transitional support of legacy email addresses

SMTP relaying of agency designated Web and system applications

Web Access
Worldwide access to the state messaging system through the web will be provided. State email web access can be viewed by going to webmail.la.gov. User will be prompted for user ID and password.

Windows Mobile Wireless Service

Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible devices can be configured to wirelessly synchronize with mailboxes on the statewide messaging system. Device acquisition, carrier charges and device support remain the responsibility of the agency.

Blackberry Enterprise Service
Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) offers Blackberry wireless access options that will integrate with the statewide messaging system. Requests for these services are made to the OTM Wireless Section (225-342-7716).

Protocols Supported
MAPI and web access (HTTPS) will be the supported protocols for the statewide messaging network.


Storage and Transaction Limitations

Amount of storage on the mail server by default is set to 50 MB per user. Remember, storage includes Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Larger storage limits can be configured, but will require approval by agency appointed authority since additional storage may increase agency costs.

Warning notifications are sent when you are within 5 MB of your limit.

Sending email is prohibited when a mailbox exceeds the storage limit.

Maximum send size is 15 MB per message.

Maximum receive size is 15 MB per message.

Exceptions to these limits will be considered on a business case basis.

Age Limits
The following age limits are set on messages stored on the statewide email system:

Inbox - No age limit. Removed only by mailbox owner.

Sent Items- No age limit. Removed only by mailbox owner.

Deleted Items - 7 Days

Deleted item retention is 7 days. (Mail deleted from Deleted Folder is held for 7 days.)

To eliminate dual logons, a domain trust relationship can be configured and maintained. The trust will also allow customers to enforce their own password policies and administration. Agencies that choose the no trust option are subject to the Statewide Email password policy, as follows:

Maximum age: 30 days

History: 5

Complexity: 3 out of 4 of the following characters: Uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols

Account Creation Standards

Names in the Address List will be displayed as "Firstname Lastname". Duplicate names will be distinguished by the use of an agency identifier. (Example: "Firstname Lastname -DPS")

The Company field is used for state agency name and must be completed for each user profile. The Department field is optional if an agency wants to distinguish different sections for billing purposes.

10 digits must be used in the phone number. (Example: 225-555-5555)

Agencies will be allowed to keep their existing email address if the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is registered with LaNet. In addition, all accounts will have a standard email address format which will be "Firstname.Lastname@la.gov". The agency can designate which format to use as the default.


Virus and SPAM Control

The agency will be responsible for its own desktop anti-virus support which will include providing up-to-date virus definition files.

Statewide Email will maintain current virus and SPAM definition files and filtering rules on the messaging servers to provide protection against external as well as internal attacks.

Attachment Filters
The Internet Mail Gateway is currently configured to block incoming attachments with the following file extensions:








































OCS reserves the right to apply filters on certain types of files if the file type in question poses a risk to resources on the network.


These incoming files will be quarantined for 7 days.
Customers will be notified that an attachment was quarantined and may request that attachments be forwarded to their inbox. This will allow customers to receive work related attachments while protecting them from potentially malicious attacks.

3rd Party Messaging Applications
Email applications such as AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft HotMail and any other free web-based/instant messaging email products are a security risk to an agencys network and to the statewide messaging network. Much time and expense has been invested in ensuring that messages are free from virus attacks. Messages from products such as Instant Messenger and Hotmail are not scanned for viruses or malicious programs, therefore these programs provide a backdoor for intrusions and infections. As such, these products put the entire statewide messaging system at risk by exposing the network to potential malicious code. In addition to these risks, the installation of these applications often causes other desktop applications to malfunction. For these reasons it is strongly suggested that agencies create policies that discourage the use of 3rd party messaging applications.


Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance shall mean any maintenance on the messaging network to which Customers network is connected 1)of which Customer is notified 48 hours in advance, or 2) that is performed during a standard maintenance window on Sundays from 6 PM to 12 AM. Notice of Scheduled Maintenance will be provided to Customers by email message.

A full backup is run every night on the messaging server database. Tapes are stored offsite for 30 days. Backups are not intended to be used to restore messages that were accidentally deleted. These backups are used to restore corrupted databases, recreate the email environment in the case of a disaster, and retain an archived (30 days) copy in the event this information is requested by the proper authorities. Restores will require 1) a written request by agency upper management, and 2) approval by OCS Director. Special charges will apply for user-requested restores.

Only files stored on the statewide messaging server will be backed up. Personal (.PST) and offline (.OST) folders on the departmental computers will not be backed up.

Agency Ownership of Email
OCS maintains the server hardware/software to support statewide email. The customer, however, is the owner of the data. Records that must be maintained for historical or legal compliance purposes should be archived by the customer as appropriate.

OCS will refer all third party requests for email to the customer department for action. If the department requires OCS assistance in responding, special charges may apply.

Migration Issues


1. In-house desktop support and training
The agency's desktop support team will be responsible for 1) configuring desktop clients for email access, 2) providing 1st level support for problems related to email, and 3) maintaining anti-virus software on desktops accessing the statewide email system. Outlook training can be provided by Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) at no charge. Statewide Email does not provide end user support. The agency is responsible for client issues.

2. Sufficient bandwidth

Providing sufficient bandwidth to support the transfer of email data to and from the agencys clients will be the responsibility of the agency.

3. Anti-Virus protection
Agency will ensure that each workstation accessing the statewide email system will have anti-virus protection by the installation of AV software with updated virus definition files. Recommended anti-virus products are those that will allow automatic virus definition file updates by logon scripting or live updates. In the event a desktop client is discovered to have insufficient AV protection, the associated email account will be disabled.

4. EmailAdministration
Agency will maintain (Create / Modify mailboxes / Modify group memberships) user accounts on the messaging system via web interface. The URL for administering user accounts can be accessed by going to https://maildra01.mail.la.gov/DRA

An agencys employees notify their departmental desktop support team of any problems/ questions or adds/changes. If desktop support team is unable to answer the question or resolve the problem, a person or section designated as the point of contact (POC) is to call the OCS Help Desk (225-342-4730).

In the event the messaging services unexpectedly becomes unavailable (e.g., virus, hardware, network problems), support personnel will respond on an on-call basis to restore email services.

Resource Naming Conventions

Resource Type



Distribution Lists

_AgencyAbbrev-List Name

_DOA-Help Desk

Shared Resources

`AgencyAbbrev-Resource Name

`GOV-Conference Room 123

Shared Calendars

~AgencyAbbrev-Calendar Name

~EDU-Upcoming Events

Customized or automated rules and shortcuts on the client will have to be recreated after email migration. Out-of-Office rules, automatic replies, and return receipts (delivery and read) will not be forwarded to the internet.

Address Lists

Agency clients will have access to a global address list containing all mailboxes on Statewide Email. Agency address lists can also be created to give customers the option of defaulting to an agency address view or a global view.

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