Preparation of Capital Outlay Budget

Article IV, Section 5(D) of the Louisiana Constitution requires the governor to submit to the legislature an operating budget and a capital budget, as provided by Article VII, Section 11. The capital budget development process is described below.

As indicated in R.S. 39:104, the capital outlay budget must include a list of projects requested to be undertaken within the time period, projects recommended by the Division of Administration to be undertaken within the time period, the projected expenditures for each project, and the reasons for rejections of any requested project.

Prior to the convening of each regular session of the legislature--and not later than March 1--the governor must submit to each house of the legislature a preliminary capital outlay budget that includes a list of the proposed projects in priority order (based on the evaluation of the feasiblity studies submitted) together with a summary outlining the maximum amount of funds to be spent in each department or political subdivision. After these preliminary recommendations are revised, capital outlay budget pages for the executive budget are prepared by the FPC Section.

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