Downloadable Forms

In alignment with the State of Louisiana's ongoing efforts to deliver government services in a more efficient manner, the Office of Facility Planning and Control is pleased to provide resources in digital-friendly formats.

If users encounter difficulties in utilizing the updated forms, the previous (legacy) Word files remain available and can be used interchangeable with the PDFs. Please call 225-342-0823 with questions or comments.

Download Request for Line of Credit Form (Interactive PDF Form) 
Download Request for Line of Credit Form (Legacy Word Document)

Download Co-Op Data Form (Interactive PDF Form) 
Download Co-Op Data Form (Legacy Word Document) 
Download Program Form (Excel Format) 
Capital Outlay Priority List(Excel Format) 
Non-State Capital Outlay Training Manual

Chapter 1 (html version) Chapter 2 (html version)
Chapter 3 (html version) Chapter 4 (html version)
Chapter 5 (html version) Chapter 6 (html version)
Chapter 7 (html version) Chapter 8 (html version)
Chapter 9 (html version) Chapter 10 (html version)
Chapter 11 (html version) Chapter 12(html version)

State Capital Outlay Training Manual