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2013 News Archives
12.19.13 Commissioner Nichols Announces $500 Million Bond Sale Approval
12.18.13 Commissioner Nichols Announces Availability of Funds for I-49 North and South Projects
12.04.13 Agencies Notified of Breach Across Certain JPMorgan Chase Systems
09.26.13 Commissioner Announces Performance Adjustments for DOA Employees - Awards Directly Tied to Agency Improvements
09.13.13 Commissioner Nichols Announces Douglas Baker as Director of Communications for the Division of Administration
08.09.13 State government expanding electronic payment options for vendors to save money
08.02.13 Division of Administration announces the selection of FedBid for establishing 'reverse auctions' in state government procurement
07.19.13 Commissioner Nichols Announces Mark Moses as Interim Director of Facility Planning and Control
05.29.13 Commissioner Nichols lauds JLCB approval of refunding tobacco settlement bonds that will provide $143 million to TOPS over next three years
05.03.13 OGB plan members to receive additional 1.77 percent premium rate reduction
04.12.13 Commissioner Nichols names Richard "Dickie" Howze as state's interim Chief Information Officer
04.04.13 Commissioner Nichols announces $95 million agreement reached on property insurance claims, proposes money go to Rainy Day Fund at direction of Governor
02.18.13 Commissioner Nichols lauds resolution to pursue refunding of tobacco settlement bonds to save the state an estimated $75 million to $85 million
2.08.13 Commissioner Nichols announces Ruth Johnson as state's Chief Information Officer

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