Grant Management (Grantee Handbooks): 2012


(Fillable PDF Forms - not all exhibits included)

Section A:  Program Administration

   A-1: Request for Release of Funds and Certification 

   A-5: Cash Receipts Journal 

   A-6: Cash Disbrusement Journal 

   A-7: LCDBG Property Register 
   A-11: LCDBG Request for Payment 
   A-12: Budget Reconciliation Report 
   A-13: LCDBG Budget Revision Report 
   A-16: Certification of Exemption for HUD Funded Projects 
   A-17: Compliance Documentation Checklist 
   A-18: Certification of Catergorical Exclusion (Not Subject to 58.5) 
   A-19: Certification of Categorical Exclusion (Subject to 58.5) 
   A-20: Statutory Checklist - Categorically Excluded 
   A-21: Statutory Checklist - Not Categorically Excluded 
   A-22: Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds 
   A-23: Environmental Assessment Checklist 

   A-24: Combined Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact & Intent to Request Release of Funds 

   A-42: Verification of Professional Services Eligibility 

   A-43: Architect's Certification: Compliance with Minimum Standards for Accessibility by the Physically Handicapped 

   A-44: Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement 
   A-49: LCDBG Disclosure Report 
   A-50: Verification of Contractor's Bonding/Insurance 
   A-52: Qualification Certification for Resident Project Representative 
   A-54: City/Parish Employment 
   A-55: Contract and Subcontract Activity 
   A-64: Fair Housing Assessment 
   A-66: Section 504 Assurance