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The Road Home Registry

Begin the Housing Registration Process Here

Thank you for visiting The Road Home Registry web site and for taking this important first step to return home to Louisiana.

I want you to know that thousands of dedicated professionals in state government are working around the clock to get you and your family back home. Each day you spend away is one day too long, and we are working with federal and local governments to rebuild after the greatest natural disaster in our nation's history. We won't rest until our residents are back in Louisiana.

This registration program is the first step for the State to identify your home address and ownership information in determining your eligibility for funding.

You have several options as a Louisiana resident who wants to return to be part of our repair, rebuild and restoration effort. Above all, we hope you decide to make your future in Louisiana and help us build a stronger, safer and smarter State. We need you now more than ever.

This process will require you to provide important information, and I want to assure you that records about ownership, flood and homeowners' insurance, mortgage balances, repair and rebuild estimates and personal data including your social security number will be kept in the strictest confidence. Providing as much information as you have available will make your registration smoother.

You may call 1-888-ROAD-2-LA to register for the Louisiana Road Home Registry program. The TTY phone number is 1-800-566-4224. Once this registration process is completed you will be able to call back to it at a later date and update your information.

You and other Louisianians have suffered greatly during these last six months. As I travel around the state and nation meeting our fellow citizens I draw strength from their spirit to fight through this challenge. Even more, I am encouraged by their love for Louisiana and their determination to come back and live the life that only we know. You have my enduring thanks and best wishes for your entire family.

God bless you all.


Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Governor

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