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Economic Development Resources

Procurement and Contracting - HUD Guide for CDBG Subrecipients (link goes to HUD website)

HUD Guide for Grantees on Subrecipient Oversight (Adobe PDF format)

This worksheet can be used to analyze up to five years of historical business information. By using the hypertext links to different financial statement data, the worksheet can accommodate different levels of detail. After the historical information has been inputted on the HISTSTMT Tab; the Ratios Tab will compute over 20 financial ratios. The Ratios Tab also calculates cash flow date from the historical information. The Loan Pricing Tab can be used to find terms for loans by calculating cash available for debt service (with varying debt service coverage ratios). The Loan Pricing Tab has an annual amortization calculator that will show annual interest expense, principal payments, and annual loan balance.

These are the Underwriting Guidelines for all CDBG Economic Development Activities

Assistance from the Disaster Recovery Community Development Block Grant program is required to meet one of three National Objectives. Congress, in appropriating the funds for Disaster Recovery, stipulated that at least 50% of the funds must be spent on the benefit to Low to Moderate Income persons National Objective. For the Disaster Recovery Economic Development programs the LMI benefit National Objective (24 CFR 570.483(b)(4) ) will be documented by each applicant for assistance filling out a Low Moderate Income Certification form for the appropriate income area, either for an individual parish or a metro area. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calculates the area median (AMI) and the 80% of area median income (LMI) annually.

* Note: If you do not have Microsoft Excel and would still like to view the Financial Analysis Spreadsheets, download the Microsoft Excel Viewer here