Grants Management (Grantee Handbooks): 2003
[Ch. B Addendum (6/17/03). Replace pages 151-156 of Chapter B with these pages.]

Chapter A: Program Administration - Financial Management, Environmental, Procurement, Fair Housing. Exhibits

Chapter B: Public Facilities - Labor Compliance, Advertising and Bidding, Construction Administration.

Chapter C: Housing Rehabilitation - Work Write-ups, Cost Estimates, Contracting, Demolition.

Chapter D: Real Property Acquisition - Uniform Act, Appraisals, Expropriation, Donations.

Chapter E: Relocation/Demolition - Policy, Requirements, Procedures.

Chapter F: Economic Development - Job Requirements, Program Income, Revolving Funds, Loan Default Policy.

Chapter G: Anti-Displacement - Plan, Certification.

Chapter H: Monitoring and Closeout - Corrective Action, Audit, Closeout Documents. Monitoring Checklists