Funding Criteria: Community Centers

FY 2011 Annual Action Plan (Action Plan: One Year Use of Funds -- III.C.4.)

A municipality must have a minimum poplation of 1,000 persons as documented by the 2000 Census data to be eligible for a community center project.

The rating factors and corresponding points used to rate applications:

  • Benefit to Low and Moderate Income Persons (maximum - 1 pt)
    One point given where the percentage of low to moderate income persons benefitting was 60 percent or higher. No point given for a proposed benefit of less than 60 percent.
  • Cost Effectiveness (maximum pts - 10)
  • Utilization (maximum pts - 20)
  • Proximity of Services (maximum pts - 5)
  • Architectural/Engineering Costs (maximum - 1 pt)
  • Target Area within a Designated Renewal Community (maximum - 1 pt)

Total Maximum Points: 38

To provide a place for communities to resolve some of their social, educational and human development needs; i.e., medical, dental, counseling, educational, recreational and social services, utilizing a comprehensive approach.
A financial plan identifying the projected amounts and sources of revenues, operating expenses and funds for maintenance, and a letter of commitment for a minimum of $38,700 for pre-agreement and administrative costs.

Evaluation Criteria: Benefit To Low/Moderate Income Persons
Determined by dividing the number of low/moderate income persons benefiting by the total persons benefiting. (All income limits are provided by OCD.)

One point assigned only to applicants proposing to benefit no less than 60 percent of persons of low to moderate income.

Cost Effectiveness
Calculate the cost per person benefitting. The lowest cost was determined among all applications. Then each applicant was scored relative to the lowest cost per person.
Determined by the following formula:
Cost Effectiveness Pts. =
Lowest cost per person benefiting /
Applicant cost per person benefiting x 10
Applicants were required to identify all activities housed at the center. Applicants identifed service providers and included in the application letters of intent from the providers. Letters of intent must have listed name and purpose of provider, description of services, time frame involved in providing the services and clientele data. Services must be provided daily.
  • frequency of services (maximum points - 10)
  • number of service providers (maximum points - 10)
Proximity Of Services
Applicants identifed each provider's current location and milage from the proposed center. Applicants proposing new services in the targeted area received the highest score.
Architectural/Engineering Costs
One point to applicants committing local funds for all associated costs.
Target Area Within A Renewal Community
The entire target area had to fall within the boundries of a renewal community to receive 1 point.
Tie Breaker
Census data on the percentage of low and moderate income persons was used; applications were ranked according to the highest percentage of low/moderate income persons benefitting.