Eligible Activities: Public Infrastructure

An activity may be assisted in whole or in part with CDBG funds if the activity is defined as eligible under Section 105(a) of Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, {current law 42 USC 5305}.

Each state administering the CDBG program is allowed the flexibility of determining its priorities from that range of eligible activities under Section 105(a) of the Act. To formulate Louisiana's CDBG program, views on priorities are requested and received from municipalities and parishes through written surveys, public hearings and written comments on proposed plans. The input resulted in the establishment of the following activities eligible under the current Louisiana CDBG program:

  • sewer systems primarily involving collection lines
  • sewer systems involving collection and treatment
  • sewer treatment only
  • water systems addressing potable water
  • water systems primarily for fire protection purposes (including fire stations)
  • new construction of graveled residential streets, rehabilitation, and/or reconstruction of residential streets [no asphaltic surface treatment]

Water, sewer and street improvements were identified as priority. Drainage improvements is an eligible activity but is allowed only within a streets improvements application. The State also allows funding for application preparation and program administration.

INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES: community centers; expenses associated with repairing, operating or maintaining public infrastructure and services; and fire-fighting equipment including fire trucks.