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Disaster Recovery Unit

Baton Rouge State Office Building
150 N. 3rd Street
Suite 700
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Post Office Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095


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Disaster Recovery Unit
Executive Director Robin Keegan
Executive Assistant Director Thomas Brennan
Deputy Director Lara Robertson
Deputy Director Richard Gray
Manager Angela Lathan Angela.Lathan@la.gov 
Executive Assistant Faye Ayers Faye.Ayers@la.gov 
Administrative Assistant Kristen Hebert Kristen.Hebert@la.gov 
Administrative Assistant Lillian Williams Lillian.Williams2@la.gov 
Receptionist Erma Williams erma.williams@la.gov 
Student Shane'ce Morgan
Student Tracy Simmons
Student Tangela Grant
Executive Counsel Dan Rees Dan.Rees@la.gov
Attorney Patrick Keller Patrick.Keller@la.gov
Paralegal Terri Redman Terri.Redmann@la.gov
Contract Specialist Bonnie Brown Bonita.Brown@la.gov
Compliance Manager Robbie Viator Robbie.Viator@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Anita Anderson Anita.Anderson@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Belinda Kennedy Belinda.Kennedy@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Keri Musacchia Keri.Musacchia@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Donesha Rice Donesha.Rice@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Terrance Threats Terrance.Threats@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Sean Hall Sean.Hall@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Caroline Ortega Caroline.Ortega@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Jory Hunt Jory.Hunt@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Keri Morales Keri.Morales@la.gov
Multi-Family Housing
Small Rental Supervisor Bradley Sweazy Bradley.Sweazy@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Tommy LaTour Thomas.LaTour@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Lisa Bergeron Lisa.Lester@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Danny Dragg Danny.Dragg@la.gov
DR Housing Specialist Janel Young Janel.Young@la.gov
Social Services Nicole Sweazy Nicole.Sweazy@la.gov
Manager Susan Pappan Susan.Pappan@la.gov
Audit Manager Steve Upton Steve.Upton@la.gov
DR Financial Analyst Ron Edmonston Ronald.Edmonston@la.gov
DR Financial Analyst Sandy Smith Sandra.Smith@la.gov
DR Financial Analyst Kamilah Bessie Kamilah.Bessie@la.gov
DR Financial Analyst Sonya Webb Sonya.Webb@la.gov
Manager Pat Forbes Pat.Forbes@la.gov
DR Engineer Ward Filgo Ward.Filgo@la.gov
DR Analyst Keith Gautreau Keith.Gautreau@la.gov
DR Analyst Regina Robertson Regina.Robertson@la.gov
DR Analyst Tom Wilton Thomas.Wilton@la.gov
Environmental Officer Ann Herring Ann.Herring@la.gov
Economic Development
Manager William Hall William.Hall@la.gov
ED Specialist Lila Perez Lila.Perez@la.gov
ED Specialist Henry Sheffield Henry.Sheffield@la.gov
ED Specialist Harlan Smith Harlan.Smith@la.gov
ED Specialist Jamie Mabile Jamie.MabileDelatte@la.gov
Policy and Reporting
Data Manager Laurie Brown Laurie.Brown@la.gov
GIS Analyst Charles Flanagan Charles.Flanagan@la.gov
Transition Team
IT Transition Team Leader Don Hutchinson Don.Hutchinson@la.gov
Information Technology
IT Projects Director Tom Burkes Tom.Burkes@la.gov
Team Member Paul Catrou Paul.Catrou@la.gov
Team Member Brett Connison Brett.Connison@la.gov
Team Member Emilie Bowman Emilie.Bowman@la.gov
Hazard Mitigation
Public Information Officer Chuck Perrodin cperrodin@la.gov

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