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State of Louisiana Awards $30 Million Directly to Cities and Towns Affected by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

Funds Targeted for Infrastructure Repairs and Enhancements

Nov. 17, 2010

BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana’s Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit today announced $30 million worth of hurricane recovery awards to 55 municipalities in parishes affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Funded through the state’s Municipalities Infrastructure Program, the grants will help local governments meet critical infrastructure needs and enhance their disaster response capabilities.

“As we recover from hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Louisiana is strengthening our infrastructure, including making improvements to roadways, sewerage and drainage systems and purchasing emergency generators to ensure critical services and functions are not lost in times of crisis,” said Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater. “This program was designed to address unmet needs of our local governments, and our partnership with the Louisiana Municipal Association helped the state to focus on recovery projects for communities big and small.”

The Disaster Recovery Unit worked with the Louisiana Municipal Association to design the program and to promote the application process to local government leaders. Individual municipalities in the 53 parishes affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008 were eligible to apply for the funds, and the LMA’s outreach efforts attracted program applications from 64 percent of eligible towns and cities.

Bobby Washington, mayor of the Town of Cullen and president of the LMA, said, “The Louisiana Municipal Association was privileged to be a part of the Municipal Infrastructure Program by providing outreach and information to all of our eligible villages, towns and cities affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike. We are pleased with the large number of competitive grant applications that our efforts helped to generate and the detailed and diligent work done by both our Association staff and the Office of Community Development’s Disaster Recovery Unit to make these critical funds available to municipalities eager to repair, restore and rebuild vital public facilities.”

Grants were awarded to two tiers of cities and towns, with $15 million awarded to towns with fewer than 1,500 residents and $15 million awarded to towns with more than 1,500 residents. The process was competitive, and projects that helped a community improve its resiliency were given priority.

Overall, 146 municipalities applied for grant funds, with 55 cities and towns winning awards. These grant awards are contingent upon the local governments meeting state and federal program requirements.

The $30 million comes from Louisiana’s $1 billion allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds awarded to the state by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2008 and 2009 to help communities in the 53 parishes affected by the storms recover.

Awards are listed below by parish:

ACADIA -- $1,896,146.00 in total grants awarded

  • Church Point awarded $142,800.00 for Emergency Sewer System Generators;
  • Estherwood awarded $542,647.00 for Sewerage System Rehabilitation;
  • Iota awarded $833,736.00 for a New Town Hall;
  • Mermentau awarded $280,953.00 for Drainage/Street Improvements;
  • Morse awarded $96,010.00 for Sewerage Pump Station Generator.

ALLEN -- $993,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • Reeves awarded $993,000.00 for a Roadway Rehabilitation Program

ASSUMPTION -- $999,800.00 in total grants awarded

  • Napoleonville awarded $999,800.00 for Sewer Rehabilitation

AVOYELLES -- $505,100.00 in total grants awarded

  • Bunkie awarded $505,100.00 for Repairs to City Hall, City Hall Annex and Haas Auditorium

BEAUREGARD -- $590,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • Merryville awarded $590,000.00 for Mechanical Headworks Screen & Grit Removal System for Water Treatment Plant

CALCASIEU -- $235,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • DeQuincy awarded $235,000.00 for a Permanently Installed Generator for Wastewater Treatment Plant

CATAHOULA – $958,100 in total grants awarded

  • Jonesville awarded $316,180.00 for its Generator Project;
  • Sicily Island awarded $641,920.00 for Drainage Improvements.  

CONCORDIA -- $432,088.00 in total grants awarded

  • Clayton awarded $432,088.00 for drainage improvements

EAST FELICIANA -- $1,996,635.30 in total grants awarded

  • Clinton awarded $1,996,635.30 for its Sewer Rehabilitation Project

EVANGELINE -- $103,499.00 in total grants awarded

  • Pine Prairie awarded $103,499.00 for a Sewer Treatment Plant Generator

FRANKLIN -- $249,670.00 in total grants awarded

  • Wisner awarded $249,670.00 for Generators

GRANT -- $897,050.00 in total grants awarded

  • Colfax awarded $623,250.00 for Drainage Ditch Capacity Restoration;
  • Dry Prong awarded $162,600.00 for Emergency Generators for Well No. 3, 4 and 5;
  • Pollock awarded $111,200.00 for Emergency Generators for Water System.

IBERIA -- $2,000,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • New Iberia awarded $2,000,000.00 for Armenco Drainage Improvements Project

IBERVILLE – $611,550.00 in total grants awarded

  • Rosedale awarded $611,550.00 for Hurdle Road Drainage Improvements

JEFFERSON -- $1,800,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • Gretna awarded $1,800,000.00 for Police Operations Critical Infrastructure Project

JEFFERSON DAVIS -- $1,796,985.00 in total grants awarded

  • Elton awarded $405,685.00 for Sewer Rehabilitation; 
  • Fenton awarded $250,000.00 for Emergency Generators;
  • Jennings awarded $1,141,300.00 for Sewer System Rehabilitation.

LIVINGSTON -- $1,115,798.30 in total grants awarded

  • Albany awarded $132,700.00 for Generators;
  • Livingston awarded $983,098.30 for Drainage Improvements.

MADISON -- $500,000.00 in total grants awarded

  • Tallulah awarded $500,000.00 for a Generator Project

MOREHOUSE -- $442,111.00 in total grants awarded

  • Bonita awarded $442,111.00 for a Sewer Project

OUACHITA -- $564,713.00 in total grants awarded

  • West Monroe awarded $564,713.00 for Community Center Drainage

RAPIDES -- $4,197,825.24 in total grants awarded

  • Alexandria awarded $1,872,355.24 for Chatlin Lake Canal: Willow Glen River Road to Hudson Blvd Improvements; 
  • Boyce awarded $646,900.00 for Electrical System Repairs; 
  • Cheneyville awarded $226,500.00 for Emergency Sewer System Generators;
  • Forest Hill awarded $444,100.00 for Butter Cemetary Road Improvements; 
  • Lecompte awarded $529,350.00 for Weems Canal Drainage Improvements;
  • Woodworth awarded $478,620.00 for Wastewater Individual Grinder Pump Auxiliary Power Quick Connects & Plant Auxiliary Power.

SABINE -- $419,880.00 in total grants awarded

  • Converse awarded $169,880.00 for Building Improvements;
  • Florien awarded $250,000.00 for Emergency Generators/Platforms.

ST. HELENA – $484,882.00 in total grants awarded

  • Greensburg awarded $484,882.00 for Sewer Rehabilitation

ST. LANDRY -- $1,874,941.00 in total grants awarded

  • Arnaudville awarded $135,800.00 for a Municipal Complex Generator; 
  • Grand Coteau awarded $106,000.00 for an Emergency Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator;
  • Leonville awarded $250,000.00 for Sewer System Generators;
  • Opelousas awarded $675,771.00 for the McCarthy Lane Bridge Project;
  • Washington awarded $707,370.00 for Water System Improvements. 

ST. MARTIN -- $727,960.00 in total grants awarded

  • Breaux Bridge awarded $500,000.00 for Emergency Water & Wastewater Generators;
  • Henderson awarded $227,960.00 for an Emergency Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator. 

TANGIPAHOA -- $1,629,763.01 in total grants awarded

  • Independence awarded $372,865.00 for Generators;
  • Ponchatoula awarded $495,148.01 for Sewer Improvements-Generators for Sewer Lift Stations;
  • Tangipahoa awarded $761,750.00 for Water System Improvements-Water Well.

TENSAS -- $249,540.00 in total grants awarded

  • Waterproof awarded $249,540.00 for Emergency Generators-Sewer Pump Stations and Waste Water Treatment Plant

UNION -- $474,980.00 in total grants awarded

  • Farmerville awarded $474,980.00 for Generators

VERMILION -- $363,304.00 in total grants awarded

  • Abbeville awarded $260,404.00 for Drainage Improvements on Frank's Alley;
  • Kaplan awarded $102,900.00 for an Emergency Sewer System Generator. 

VERNON -- $418,100.00 in total grants awarded

  • Hornbeck awarded $154,000.00 for Permanently Installed Generators for Water Treatment Plant & Town Hall;
  • Rosepine awarded $264,100.00 for an Emergency Generator at Water Well #5 & a Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Disaster Recovery Unit within the Office of Community Development is dedicated to helping Louisiana's citizens recover from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike. As the state's central point for hurricane recovery, the OCD-DRU manages the most extensive rebuilding effort in American history, working closely with local, state and federal partners to ensure that Louisiana recovers safer and stronger than before.