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Gustav-Ike Communications to Grantees

Gustav-Ike Parish Outreach Representatives and other OCD-DRU staff members will,
from time to time, send updates, clarifications, further guidance, etc. to parish and
municipal officials. These communications are gathered here for future reference.


June 28, 2013

Requests for Payment - Timeline

Due to the high volume of payment requests being processed by the OCD/DRU office, our office has determined that requests sent from our agency to the state’s Office of Financial Services and Support (OFSS) will take approximately seven (7) calendar days to process for payment. Prior to contacting our office to inquire about the payment of a request, please ensure that it has been at least 15 calendar days since you received notice that our agency submitted a request to OFSS, and you have verified on the OSRAP website that no payment has been issued for the request.


Please contact your outreach representative if you have not received payment within 15 calendar days after receiving the system-generated email. If you have any trouble logging into the online infrastructure application at:, please contact our help desk at 225-330-0911 or email at When calling the help desk, please identify yourself as a GIOS (Gustav/Ike Online System) user. 


OCD/DRU Welcomes New Staff Member

The OCD/DRU Infrastructure Team is pleased to welcome Lisa Samuels to its team as an Infrastructure Analyst. Please see Lisa’s contact information below, in addition to her assigned grantees: Lisa Samuels
Phone: 225-219-7712

Ascension Estherwood LSU Reeves
Assumption Florien Mermentau Rosepine
Baldwin Franklin Merryville Sicily Island
Beauregard Golden Meadow Morse St. Bernard
Catahoula Gretna Napoleonville St. James
Clayton Hornbeck New Iberia St. John the Baptist
Concordia Iberville Olla St. Mary
Converse Iota Ouachita SWLA Health Center
DeQuincy Jefferson Davis Plaquemines Tensas
Erath Lafayette Pointe Coupee  


May 16, 2013

Deadlines for Plans and Specs/ERRs
OCD/DRU is implementing a deadline of Monday, December 2, 2013, for

  • Project Construction Plans and Specifications Submission and
  • An Environmental Review Record completion.

This deadline applies to all infrastructure projects receiving Disaster Community Development Block Grant funds related to hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Please inform your architects and engineers, as well as any other responsible parties, of this pending deadline. Additionally, please note that development of plans and specifications is a lengthy process, so invest your efforts into completing these documents and seeking OCD/DRU technical assistance as needed.

If you have any questions regarding this deadline, please contact your outreach representative.


February 15, 2013

Project Amendment Procedures, Closeout  Procedures and a Proposed Deadline for Submission of Plans and Specifications Related to Infrastructure Projects

Please read the following and apply this guidance when preparing submissions to OCD/DRU. As always, if you have any questions, please contact your Outreach Representative or your OCD/DRU Infrastructure Analyst.

Project Amendment

If a project amendment involves an increase in the scope of work, you will need to review the activity under 24 CFR part 58.47, and make any necessary changes to the completed environmental review record, based on the scope of work changes. If a project amendment involves a budget increase, with no change in the scope of work, a “Categorically Excluded, Not Subject To” form will need to be completed and signed by an authorized representative.

Any updates, changes or newly completed forms must be submitted to OCD/DRU prior to, or in conjunction with, submission of the project amendment.


Please be reminded that closeout packages are to be submitted to OCD/DRU upon determination of final costs and project completion. Monitoring of the project or the grantee is not required prior to submission of closeout packages. 

The required documents are to be submitted directly to your assigned infrastructure analyst. Sample documents are provided as exhibits in Section 13 of the Disaster Recovery Grantee Administrative Manual, which can be found at

Plans and Specifications Deadline

To ensure that projects continue to advance in a timely manner, OCD/DRU will soon be sending formal notification to all grantees announcing a deadline for submission of infrastructure project plans and specifications. OCD/DRU is evaluating the project tracking information that has been collected by the outreach representatives for each project to determine a reasonable deadline. Grantees can anticipate that the deadline will be on or near Dec. 1, 2013. Please inform your architects and engineers of this pending deadline.

Some pre-construction steps grantees can take to aid in meeting this deadline are:

  • Procure A/E services while going through the application approval process;
  • Begin the environmental review process;
  • Identify required acquisition;
  • Obtain right-of-way approvals;
  • Procure appraisers, if necessary; and/or
  • Secure required project permits.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact your Outreach Representative or your OCD/DRU Infrastructure Analyst.


January 16, 2013

Project Application Approval Deadline
The Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD/DRU) is implementing a Project Application Approval Deadline for all infrastructure programs receiving Disaster-CDBG funds related to hurricanes Gustav and Ike (G/I). In order to display to our federal funding agency, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, that projects are continuing to advance in a timely manner, our agency is implementing the following deadline:

For all G/I D-CDBG funds allocated to Infrastructure recovery projects, applications must be approved by May 31, 2013.

  • Approval of an application means a formal approval letter issued by OCD/DRU to the grantee;
  • Project pre-application approval does not satisfy the May 31, 2013 deadline;
  • If the project will not advance to have an approved application by the May 31, 2013 deadline, project funds can be amended either to an existing G/I recovery project or to a new project(s).
  • The new project must become part of the parish’s G/I recovery plan with a timeline provided to show that the new project application will be approved prior to May 31, 2013;
  • If none of these options can be satisfied by the May 31, 2013 deadline, the State will de-obligate the project funds from the grantees’ allocation.

Please note that development of an application is a lengthy process, so  invest your efforts into completing the application and seeking OCD/DRU technical assistance as needed.

OCD/DRU will continue to work with its grantees to be both responsible stewards of the federal dollars associated with the recovery from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, while also maximizing the results of these vital infrastructure investments that make our communities safer, smarter and stronger. We thank you for being a partner in that effort.

If you have any questions regarding this Project Application Approval Deadline, please contact your outreach representative for assistance.


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