Louisiana Industry
Industrial Capacity Louisiana has the greatest concentration of crude oil refineries, natural gas processing plants and petrochemical production facilities in the Western Hemisphere.
Petroleum and Petroleum Refining Louisiana is America's third largest producer of petroleum and the third leading state in petroleum refining.
Offshore Oil Production Louisiana pioneered offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. The first well ever drilled out of sight of land was off the Louisiana coast. Most of the techniques used in offshore oil exploration around the world today were developed in Louisiana.
Natural Gas Louisiana is America's second largest producer of natural gas. It supplies slightly more than one-quarter of the total U.S. production.
Agriculture Louisiana is among the top ten states in the production of sugar cane (2nd), sweet potatoes (2nd), rice (3rd), cotton (5th) and pecans (5th).
Ports Louisiana has the nation's farthest inland port for sea-going ships (Baton Rouge) and America's only port capable of handling superships (the Superport). More than 25 percent of the nation's waterborne exports are shipped through the state's five major ports.
Chemicals Louisiana produces 25 percent of the nation's petrochemicals. Total value of Louisiana chemical shipments is more than $14 billion a year.
Space Program Louisiana built the huge first-stage Saturn C-5 rocket used in the Apollo program to land men on the moon and is the sole producer of the giant external fuel tanks used in the Space Shuttle program.
Commercial Fishing Louisiana's commercial fishing industry produces 25 percent of all the seafood in America. It holds the record for the greatest catch ever, 1.9 billion pounds in one year.
Shrimp More shrimp are caught in Louisiana waters than in any other place in America.
Oysters Louisiana's oyster production is the highest in the U.S.
Freshwater Fishing Louisiana has the biggest and most diversified freshwater fisheries production in America.
Coastline and Marshes Because of its many bays and sounds, Louisiana has the longest coastline (15,000 miles) of any state and 41 percent of the nation's wetlands.
Furs Louisiana produces more furs (1.03 million pelts a year) than any other state. The catch includes nutria, muskrat, mink, otter and beaver.
Matches Louisiana produces 60 million wooden matches a day, half of the nation's entire production.
Hospitals Louisiana had the first charity hospital in America. Its present charity hospital system is one of the most comprehensive in the U.S.
Grain Exports Louisiana is the nation's largest handler of grain for export to world markets. More than 40 percent of the U.S. grain exports move through Louisiana ports.

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