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Office of Telecommunications Management

Telecommunications Information Notice 09-04
Line of Service Rate Adjustments for
Centrex, Data Dial Tone, Frame Relay, LINC, Toll Free Service, UCD, and Voice Mail

April 13, 2009

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) recently completed a review of many of its line of service rates. Such reviews are periodically conducted to assure that OTM is in compliance with various state and federal guidelines which govern the operations of internal service funds. This recent review resulted in lower rates for the following lines of service:

Centrex (Standard Dial Tone)
Data Dial Tone
Frame Relay
LINC (Refer to TIN 09-02)
Toll Free Service
Voice Messaging/Voice Mail 

The new rates are effective with the February 2009 billing cycle. Please refer to the OTM Catalog of Services for detailed rate information.

The overall effect of the rate revisions will result in a decrease in billings to most agencies at the statewide level. The actual impact to an individual agency will depend upon the specific services that an agency consumes in a particular billing period.

Certain factors may change over time that could affect a line of service rate adjustment. Those factors may include changes in costs of service, changes in consumer demand for the service, or a change in the method used by OTM to provision a service. Over time, OTM will periodically review these and other lines of service rates and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to J.D, Liford at or 225 342-7744.