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Office of Telecommunication Management (OTM) Telecommunications Information Notice 09-01

Telecommunications Information Notice 09-01
Metro DWDM

March 24, 2009

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) has established a contract for high bandwidth optical data transport between three data centers in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area to replace the existing OTM-operated Metro DWDM line of service. The new service will continue the use of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) as the transport mechanism. It includes all protocols and bit rates offered by the current OTM Metro DWDM service. A detailed service description can be found in the OTM Catalog of Services.

All current customer connections on this line of service will be migrated to the new contract service as soon as possible. OTM will work closely with agencies to plan and execute the migrations with as little impact to agency operations as possible.

Once the new systems are in place and available, all new orders for metro data center connectivity will go through the normal OTM ordering process and will be fulfilled through the new contract. All orders will be completed within 10 business days.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to Chuxing Chen, OTM Enhanced Network Service, at 225-219-4883 or